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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

June 23

No travel today. Spent day with Cliff and computer. Also gave the 5th Wheel a good cleaning inside. That takes quite a while.

Andy and Loretta


  • At 10:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It appears that I now have this set up so anyone can add comments or their own stories.


  • At 7:36 PM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    July 25

    Yesterday started with a BANG. At the intersection of Rt. 71 there was a bad accident with at least 2 injuries. On my walk, I went near enough to take a few photos, but not close enough to see exact cause or damage. It was very hot, but I did get on the trailer roof and cleaned all of the Fantastic Vents and vent covers as well as the skylight. Took Loretta to Harrisonville for beauth shop appointment. For some reason, the batteries were down in the truck, so we used Cliff's van. While she was there, I walked the Mill Walk Mall and got some needed items at the Family Center there.

    Last night was cool and today stayed mild and breezy. I went to Archie for a haircut and had the batteries on the truck tested - they appear to be OK, so will have to find the current drain.

    One of the stabilizer jacks on the trailer was binding and would not lower completely. I tried to clean up the threads without any luck. Another Avion Travelcade Club member had given me a used jack from his trailer at an earlier time. So I switched the two and now will take the old one into the shop here to see if I can get it operating correctly. One never knows when one may get damaged and it would be handy to have a replacement available.

    We had never applied Avion Travelcade Club unit numbers on this 5th wheel trailer. So I also applied a set on the front, still will have to do the rear sometime.

    Otherwise, the day has been pretty much as usual. Visiting, computer and email, reading and some TV.

  • At 12:27 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Well, I made myself more work yesterday. In the process of installing the unit numbers on the front of the trailer, I cleaned half well. So of course I could then see how much dirt and bugs was on the other half. So this morning I cleaned that off, then one thing leads to another so I ended up washing all of the outside of the trailer. That kept me busy into the early afternoon.

    As I am having problems accessing my Yahoo Mailbox from this computer, I have been using Cliff's to clean up some of the accumulated junk there. I can download to this computer with Outlook Express, but when I am able I like to check the emails and delete junk first. He had gone to get a new clothes dryer, so I assisted getting that into the house then came home to relax a while.

    In the evening they drove us to CiCi's Pizza in Grandview where we treated them to supper. On the way back we made several shopping stops. Then when we got home, I got to work at the computer here. Suddenly there were 2 loud booms that sounded like something struck the trailer. We went outside and could see no reason, so I suggested that 2 military fighters had made a low pass at above the speed of sound and the shock wave had caused the noise and the trailer to rock. However shortly later another lesser one hit. But this time when we went out we discovered that someone was setting fireworks off nearby. There is a race going on tonight at the track about a half mile away. It appeared closer than that, but perhaps it was near the track for the race spectators.

    Anyway, glad we weren't already in bed as that would have been a rude awakening.



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