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Monday, June 28, 2004

Week of 27 June

It was nice when I woke Sunday morning, but heard thunder in distance. So it soon started to rain and rained off and on all day and night, sometimes very hard. The weather was bothering Loretta's artheritus, so she opted out of going to church with me to the Adrian, MO UMC Church. She was missed.

After church, I stoped by and got her and we went to Harrisonville for lunch and some shopping. While we were out, we decided to go to the next exit at Peculiar for fuel at the Flying J there. What with the wet roads and construction areas, we saw 3 accidents in just a few miles. Heard truckers talking about several more in the area also.

I have been having problems opening several Web Pages on the internet. Problem seems to be in our computer and I had hoped to call Microsoft or Hewlett Packard to follow up on the work we had done last weekend. However for some reason I ran out of time and never got to it, so in the evening, I called our ex-business partner Russ Pillsbury to tap his vast computer knowledge Russ built his first PC from scratch when they weren't available and now works with computers and software for a living.

We went over what had already been done. Then he suggested downloading 2 files. The first CWShredder.exe searched our computer for certain objectionable files. As far as I could tell, it found none. The second Highjackthis.exe found a great number of files that had been attacked. Apparently the Windows XP Firewall is far from perfect.

One page I could not get to was the Windows Update page. I found that on the list and fixed it and was then able to find and download the latest Critical Updates. I also located several others on the list including my Homepage and Yahoo Mail which I had the program fix and can now access these pages also. There are many others but will wait and study these out before accidently deleting any needed files.


  • At 4:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi, I love your webpage! It sounds like you are having a grand time.
    Take care,
    Sue & Glenn

  • At 7:04 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Hi Sue and Glenn

    Glad you stopped by and thanks for the comments. Hope all is well with you and looking forward to seeing the new bus. Give the girls a hug from us.

  • At 4:09 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    June 29

    After a short walk, we left the Moose Club in Wichita. Weather was mild, roads were good and most of time traffic was light. We stopped in Cunningham for breakfast and near Meade to rest. Mary Coen had informed us that the road we usually take in to their ranch is under water. So we contacted her as we neared, she met us on the highway and led us to their place. We got parked and set up enough for overnight. When we had left the Moose Club we had crossed over some speed bumps that were quite high. So when setting up, I discovered one stabilizer jack was bent. We have an extra in the truck that needs some work so will change them and see if I can repair this one. Then I visited with Larry and Troy a while. After supper, I tried to access the Internet without any luck so called it a day.

    June 30

    It started to rain before midnight and rained off and on all night. So we made a slow start this morning. As it was still raining, I didn't want to do any outside chores. So I got the stabilizer jack out of the truck and took it into the shop. There, I dissasembled it, and straightened it out. It wasn't bent badly but still quite a job. I then cleaned the threads on the screw and got it loosened up so it works freely. That took me into the afternoon and as it was still raining, the afternoon was R&R. In the evening we rode with Troy and Cassie Coen and Larry and Mary Coen to Elkhart where they treated us to a very good supper along with pleasant visiting.

  • At 3:23 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    July 1

    Today was busy. I flushed the hot water tank on the trailer then replaced the damaged stabilizer jack with the one I repaired yesterday. I took the badly bent one into the shop and straightened it out. It was afternoon by time I finished that, but it looks good. I then went with Troy and Seth (hired hand) to put up a temporary corral where they were going to load some cattle to move. Then I helped move some machinery between several fields and the farm. After that Loretta and I took a trip to Elkhart (roads are better, but truck got pretty muddy) for some shopping and supper.

  • At 7:38 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    July 2

    Today was very busy. I helped move equipment to and between fields. I also did a few chores around here and made a minor repair on our satellite antenna. In the afternoon, I rode the combine with Larry while harvesting wheat. The weather radio was calling for little chance of rain in the foreseeable future. But Troy called on the radio regarding a storm building in the west. The winds were from the east, but clouds were moving overhead and it appeared that there might be a tornado in the storm to the west. Another check on the weather radio now had a tornado watch in effect. When we finished the trip we were on, we went to the truck to dump the combine tank. By the time it was emptied and I had tarped the semi trailer it was starting to rain. We returned to the shop just keeping on the leading edge of the storm. We did not get an awful lot of rain, but some was very hard with some hail and very strong winds. The winds changed directions over 360 degrees, so for a while we weren’t sure but the storm may return. But it cleared off nicely and we had a picnic supper in the lawn followed by visit and fireworks

  • At 9:00 PM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    July 3

    Another busy day. This morning after coffee, I helped get cattle trailers hooked up and ready to travel. It looked like a caravan when we left here, 4 pickups pulling cattle trailers and myself driving another 4WD pickup with tools, etc. We proceeded to the pasture where we had put up a temporary corral a couple of days ago. As we entered the pasture, the first truck in got stuck in a mud hole. I assisted in towing him out, and then we made an opening in the fence nearby to bypass the wet spot. The rest of the trucks entered there and we went to the windmill where the cattle were all in the fenced in area. So we herded them into the corral then backed trailers up to an opening one at a time and loaded about 35 head. We had brought 2 horses which weren’t needed so tied them to the windmill.

    Then we moved them to another government pasture several miles away. I took some corral panels to build a fence to unload into the fenced in area around another windmill. After unloading, we returned leaving 2 of the trucks along the way. When we arrived we found that some of the cattle had gotten out of the corral but were still in the compound. Seth (hired hand) got on his horse and herded them back in, and then drove them onto the trailer. We then broke down the corral and loaded the panels on a trailer, which I hauled back. We left that truck with the others and Seth took the horses home. We took that load up and unloaded and then moved the panels so the cattle could get into the pasture and have access to the water at the windmill. Then getting the other trucks on the way back to the farm, where we parked and unhooked all the trailers. Our mail had come today, so after lunch, I worked on that and rested the balance of the day.


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