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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Back in the States

August 18 Lake Stevens, WA
The Mountains to the Sea Travelcade finished yesterday morning. I started the day by getting our rig ready for travel and saying farewells to those departing. Some had left before we even got out of bed. Loretta and I took a short ride through North Vancouver stopping at the Tomahawk Restaurant for breakfast and some photos. Then back to Capilano Campground to get hooked up. We were the last to leave following the Miller’s and Berry’s. We encountered fairly heavy traffic on our way to the US Border. At Customs, the Department of Agriculture decided to inspect our trailer and Berry’s Motor home. We were sent on our way with a clean bill of health, but less a few grapefruit that we had carried the whole trip - small loss. We phoned fellow Avioners Norman Anderson in Lake Stevens to verify that the invite to visit was still open. It was, so we proceeded there with the rest of our small group leaving along the way. After a lunch stop, we located the Anderson residence and got parked in their water/electric/satellite antenna site. After a visit, we got the trailer set up then later they drove us to a very nice Family Restaurant where we enjoyed supper. By time we returned, it was time to call it a day and I did want to get on the Internet a while.
For some reason, I had a fitful night getting up several times. Perhaps it was too quiet here after better than a week at Capilano Campground surrounded by 3 heavily traveled bridges and sirens sounding all hours of the night? I spent some more time on our backed up email and later we went into the house to visit and have a great breakfast. This was followed by a trip to Marysville for some shopping and a look around the city. Took the rest of the afternoon easy then back to the Tulalip Indian Casino at Marysville for supper and a short stint at the slots. We visited some with the Anderson’s before calling it a day.


  • At 1:51 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    August 19 Lake Stevens, WA

    This morning Norman Anderson (fellow Avioner, but no relation) and I went to view and photograph a Donkey that they had used in the woods when he was a logger. It was in pretty bad shape due to the years it has been sitting at the edge of the forest. It consists of a Cummins diesel engine powering 3 winches and mounted on a sled made of tree trunks. One winch is used to skid logs through the woods to where they can be loaded on trucks or railroad cars. The second is the return line which goes through a pulley fastened to a tree and pulls the heavy line back to get another log. The first also is used to pull the Donkey from one location to another. The third winch was used to move preassembled sections of roadway when needed to build roads into the woods.

    Then we went next door to visit his brother who has quite a collection of photos and logging tools - lots of pictures there. He also has a large collection of other items and tools, so this was a very enjoyable stop. He is a retired trucker (I expect mostly logs). Logging was very big in this area, and still is quite large. He retired due to injury, but I would expect that anyone that worked in the logging industry in those days suffered many injuries and was lucky to survive.

    The computer in our trailer had been laying on its side and sometimes had problems. Also on the Travelcade, rough roads damaged the shelf it was sitting on. So today with the help of some tools borrowed from Norman, I shoretned the shelf so the computer could sit upright at the end of it. Then reinforced the mounting for the shelf so hopefully it will not be breaking down again. This was a hot and lengthy job by time I got the computer and all my Ham Radio equipment installed and working again. So I relaxed till we were invited to share homebade Wild Blackberry pie and ice cream with our hosts.

  • At 10:30 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    August 20 Lake Stevens, WA

    After coffee, I went outside to visit with Norman. They were getting a new water well drilled and the drillers came today. Very interesting watching him drill an 80’ well in about an hour. In fact more time was spent welding casing than drilling. When they finished the drilling and started to put the pump down, we left to go to a picnic for those that had attended an old schoolhouse near here - it no longer exists, nor does the town. On the way there we passed a house with lots of cars and police vehicles in the yard and “Police Scent” tape around it. We had a good time and great meal at the picnic. There were still policemen searching the grounds and a helicopter flying overhead when we passed that house on the return trip.

    The TV news reported that a body had been found in the Pilcheck River - that is where the police activity was. Later news reported that it was a murder of the woman that lived alone in that house.
    We were also taken to visit a daughter-in-law and view some other land they own. We were given some sweet corn there. When we arrived back here, our mail had arrived so I got to work on that. Later Loretta made supper featuring the sweet corn. We visited in the yard some later and at one time saw the setting sun reflecting off the lookout tower on Pilcheck Mountain many miles away. This only happens a couple of evenings a year as that is the only time the sun is in the right position.

  • At 2:06 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    August 21 Lake Stevens, WA

    After coffee, I went out and became a “Sidewalk Superintendent” at the ditching project for the new well. I also made several phone calls. After lunch, Norman and Norma went to pick up their Avion at the repair shop. We went to Marysville where Loretta spent some time at the beauty shop getting her hair done and a pedicure. She also shopped at Wal-Mart while there. I walked the store and Home Depot next door. I drove to Northwest Kenworth and made an appointment to get the truck serviced next Tuesday. It rained quite heavily during that time.

    When Loretta finished, we went in search of an eatery. We spotted the Moose Club and decided to stop there. But as we were walking from the truck, Loretta’s left leg starting causing intense pain and she could hardly walk. We got her back into the truck and I bought a sandwich at Subway to eat at home. But when we got here, she could not walk to the trailer, so she got back into the truck and I took her to the hospital in Everest through light but badly needed rain. We were several hours in the emergency room, and the Andersons became quite concerned. Norma drove all the way over to check on her. But the news wasn’t as bad as the doctor first indicated. He feared a blood clot, but tests did not indicate that. He felt the cartilage in her knee was deteriorating causing the pain. They put on a support to immobilize the leg and prescribed pain medication. It was about 10PM by then and the drug stores were closed but she does still have some medication from her recent tumble to tide her over. She had a difficult time getting in and out of the truck, in and around the trailer with her leg in the brace. After eating the sandwich, she went to bed where she can get quite comfortable and I worked on email and computer some.

    News tonight indicates that the rains may help stop the wildfires going on now.


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