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Saturday, January 22, 2005

January 22

We have spent a good share of this week on maintenance projects. Cal and myself took the awning arm apart and pretty well straightened the support arm. We removed the lift handle and found the pin that secured the awning arm out was sheared off. Trips to local RV parts supply stores did not produce a lift handle to replace the broken one. I called Camping World near Tampa as Cal and Marilyn will be going to Lazy Days next week for some warranty work on their motorhome. They did not stock them and suggested I call Lazy Days Parts. After many tries, I got through to them, but they apparently don't have manufacturer parts lists. They were going to call A&E to get part number and see if it was in stock. However a couple of days passed without any return call. So I made a return trip to Coast RV Parts in Crystal River. There I found they had a used arm that they removed the lift handle from. I returned and installed it on the awning arm and had not much more than completed when Lazy Days called back. Oh well, I didn't have to wait till next week and saved at least 50%.

The slideouts have no stops to prevent going out too far and the sidewall of the trailer had seperated from the floor behind the large slideout. Cal found a bent bracket at the bottom of the sidewall and we found the screws fastening it to the trailer floor were sheared. We replaced the screws with larger stainless screws and straightened the bracket at the bottom. Not sure it will hold, but it sure is a lot stronger than it ever was before. The doorside slideout does not seat properly when extended, but I was unable to adjust it properly. That may be a job for Fleetwood, but we may remove the access cover underneath and see if other adjustments may be possible.

Today I assisted Cal with some adjustments on the compartment doors in their motorhome, but it started to rain (first we have had in weeks), so we will have to finish that at another time. We also have been visiting some of our friends that live in the surrounding area. We usually catch 1 or 2 evening meals at the Moose Club as Cal is an officer there. And Wednesday evenings the church we attend here has a supper before Bible Study. But we still manage to check out some of the local eateries even though we have been eating at home more. Sometimes hard to justify that with several restaurants offering meals in the 2 for $10.00 range. Last evening we stopped at SandRay's just a short distance away for fish. All you can eat for $6.99, but we opted for a half order for $4.99. That was more than we could eat.

We expect to be moving on in a few weeks, and do have quite a bit of visiting to tend to in this area. So we will have to get to that also.

Bout it for now.


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