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Saturday, January 29, 2005

January 29

Been quite busy here lately. After some searching I was able to locate a used lift handle for our A&E patio awning that had been damaged by a gust of wind. Cal and I straightened the support arm and I replaced the lift handle. I also fastened the tie-downs which was a good thing as we have had a few very windy days. Weather has been mostly good, but some frosty mornings followed by chilly windy days. We were also having some problems with the slide valve on the commode. I removed it from the trailer and Cal helped dissasembel, clean, lubricate and reassemble it. However when replaceing it in the trailer, I did not get it seated properly and the next day had to reseat it. Now everything seems to work fine there.

I have also assisted Cal some with some minor projects around the Motorhome they just purchased. More time consuming than difficult little things that needed to be tended to.

On Tuesday, we went to Lecanto Surgery Center where a biopsy was taken from my prostrate. Loretta drove me home and several days of taking it easy. I don't expect any problems, but my doctor wanted to take precautions due to the fact that one of my brothers has had prostrate cancer. I will see the doctor that performed the surgery on Monday for his report.

Nuff for now.

Andy and Loretta


  • At 12:13 AM , Blogger Roger & Jean said...

    Andy, been there, done that, don't envy you a bit, but good look on the biopsy.



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