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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Groundhog day

Well, if Punxatawny Phil sees his shadow tomorrow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter for those up north. If he didn't, there will only be a month and a half.

Yesterday I went to Citrus Urology Clinic for my doctor appointment. I was called about an hour late. When Dr. Desai came in, he apologized and said "I had to spend time talking to 2 patients as I had bad news for them - as I have for you." He then informed me that I do have Prostrate Cancer. From what he told us, it has been detected early. He told us about several treatment options, most of which were not indicated. He appears to favor inserting the "Seeds"

I had a long phone conversation with my brother Clair last evening as he had Prostrate Cancer. He had opted for surgery almost 7 years ago and has had good reports since. It was my feeling that he favored that over the "Seeds" . Of course our travel plans have changed. The doctor will not be in the office next week. So we will go to the RV Service Net Rally at Christmas, FL. Then return for an appointment on the 14th. We plan on having the process done at the same clinic that did the biopsy. This way we will not be required to make an early trip to Tennessee.

Then hopefully we will have time to visit family and friends in south Florida before we head for Las Cruces, NM in March. Today we did visit friends near Dunnellon. Larry had an accident in his woodworking shop and cut off part of some fingers on left hand. Please keep him in your prayers even though it appears he is doing well. And of course you may continue to pray for me and my doctors.

Andy and Loretta


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