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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kinda got behind

Well, we have been pretty busy. We went to Christmas Airstream Park in Christmas, FL on Sunday the 6th and came back to Homosassa on the 13th. We had a great time at the rally there. Really kept very busy as I was the official photographer this year in addition to being the sound man. The food was great both at the rally and the nearby restaurants that many of us visited. Loretta and I also visited the Spacewalk Museum at one of the malls in Titusville. Nothing like the Cape, but still interesting. Unfortunately many of us picked up a cold or severe allergy there. So I have been really taking it easy since we got back here. Thankfully, I am starting to feel better.

On Monday we went to the Urologist that had done my biopsy. He pretty much said the same as before, his suggestion was a "SEED" 'implant then we would be free to travel again. He arranged an appointment at the Cancer Center in Lecanto for Tuesday. That is only about 10 miles away and no heavy traffic in case Loretta has to drive at times. The Oncologist there recommended 28 radiation treatments over 5-1/2 weeks. So yesterday we were back there for X-rays, CT Scan and prepare a mold to support my legs in the desired position. However, I have to wait till 3 March for first treatment. Therefore it will be near the end of April before we can travel any great distance again.

As I am feeling pretty good today, we plan on going to Sarasota tomorrow. We will spend 2 weeks in that area visiting family and friends. Then back to Homosassa to start the treatments. Means we may not get to visit everyone we wish and not do much sightseeing. OH, Well.

Loretta's knee is still causing some pain, but I feel she is getting around better than she has in years. A couple of days ago, one of my classmates and his wife arrived for a visit. Dick is the brother of Cal Doud who provides a place to park here. So today we did some visiting and went to supper with all of them.

Getting late, so will close for now.

Andy and Loretta


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