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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday February 26

Well, it has been a pretty busy week. Loretta is still fighting the cold so not too active. I spent a good share of the day Wednesday working on the storage building with Glenn. We made a few trips around the area observing the storm damage and what still needs to be done.

Yesterday was my birthday. Glenn was taking their 3 girls that are still home along with his son visiting from Minnesota on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. They have 3 rental units here and one of the tenants was also going. I was invited, so treated myself to a birthday gift. Weather was overcast but the rain held off, so the trip was enjoyable. However we didn't find any fishing to brag about. I think between the 7 of us only 8 legal fish were caught. I caught 3, two were definitely smaller than I wanted to monkey with. One was pretty good size, but just short of legal length. Oh, well I had a good time anyway.

Last evening Loretta wanted to treat me to dinner at a restaurant we hadn't visited yet this year. On the way there, I drove through the south part of town and area south of there. The Hurricane
Bye for now.
damage is much more extensive there with piles of trash along the roads that used to be homes. Lots of people are still living in RV's and there are many vacant lots where homes once were as well as many in various stages of repair or waiting for repair. It will probably be a few years before all rebuilding and repair is complete.

Today was the birthday for Abigail (one of Glenn and Sue's daughters), so they had a cookout birthday party for both of us.

We still haven't been to visit our many friends at Avion Palms north of here. Hopefully Loretta will be feeling up to that before we have to head back to Homosassa.


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