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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tuesday February 22

We did move to Sarasota, FL last Friday, but by that evening Loretta was coming down with the cold I was recovering from. We parked at the Moose Club and enjoyed a delicious dinner there before calling it a day. Saturday we had a great breakfast in the club, but Loretta was feeling so poorly that we stayed close to home most of the day. We did ride around part of town in the evening.

Sunday we drove to Englewood where we stopped to visit disabled friend Nancy Nickel. We had not called ahead and found that she was not home. We then went to the park next door to visit Bob Lyons who was one of our vendors when in business. I knocked on the door and was invited in by a stranger to see Lu (Bob's) wife in a hospital bed in the living room. The stranger was their son who informed us that Bob was in the hospital with a serious back injury. Lu has Parkinson's Disease and last year was in a nursing home. We then went to the hospital to visit Bob. He informed us that the doctor has told them she would get better care at home. But with full time care while he is in the hospital, I am sure the financial burden it terrible. Please keep them in your prayers.

From there, we went to visit my brother Clair and his son Larry came over to visit We had a delicious dinner and watched the Daytona 500 race. However Loretta got to feeling badly so we left before the race finished. When we got back to Sarasota, we heard from a Ham Radio friend that lives nearby. We went to visit her for a short while before calling it a day.

Yesterday we moved to Arcadia to the home of Glenn and Sue Geyer. They had moved since last year and some arrangements for a parking space had to be made. In the Sarasota area there was little evidence of last summer's hurricanes. But as we approached DeSoto County we saw more and more signs. Lots of trees down, buildings gone or damaged, lots of new mobile homes and trailers and the Arcadia water tower laying on its side. After parking and some visiting, we had supper at home.

Today Loretta is better, but still not too chipper. Glenn has put up a metal building on the property here. He is framing it so he can insulate and panel it so I spent most of day helping him there. We went to town for supper, but found that our old favorites are either destroyed or closed. We ate at The Clock but quality and service were not up to expectations. We had planned on looking around some more and shopping but Loretta felt it best to return home. Hopefully she will feel better in a day or so that we may visit friends in this area.

Our hearts go out to those that suffered so much damage last summer. FEMA treated most well financially, but there is so much that cannot be replaced. It almost looks as if the area had been bombed.


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