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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday March 3

Sunday it rained all day. So we stayed near the trailer. The wind started to blow and a Tornado watch was in nearby counties, so I braved the weather to secure the awnings on the trailer. However we got no severe weather. Can’t say the same for the Atlantic coast northeast of us. A Tornado did touch down there damaging some housed that had just been repaired from last summer’s Hurricanes.

Monday was clear and nice so we went to Bowling Green to visit some of our friends at Avion Palms. There was a lot more cleanup work to be done around Wachula and Bowling Green than there was in Arcadia. We also did some shopping on way home. In the evening, I played a game of chess with Glenn. Neither had played in a long time, but he is still sharper than I. Tuesday I did some minor repairs and started to get ready to move. In the evening Loretta and I taught 2 of the girls how to play Joker.

Yesterday we finished getting ready to travel and said our farewells. We had a nice trip back to Homosassa stopping for lunch in Lakeland, propane and dump tanks near San Antonio and fuel near Brooksville. When we arrived at Cal and Marilyn’s we found mail had arrived. So spent rest of day catching up on that.

Today was the start of my radiation therapy at the Cancer Center near Lecanto. They had extra setup work today - X-rays, etc, so I probably was on the table for the better part of an hour. Awful hard to lay still that long. They exposed me to the radiation from seven different angles as the machine can rotate completely around the table. Today’s visit was in the morning, but I selected an afternoon appointment for the next 27 treatments. After finishing there, we went to Inverness for lunch and shopping. Before we got home it was raining again, so we spent rest of day at inside tasks.



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