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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday, March 29

Well, another update without much to report. Now have 19 radiation treatments behind me and 9 more to go. Ill effects are not worth mentioning.

Last week we were pretty well kept inside as we had mostly rainy days. We had about 8" of rain last week. Sunday was overcast, but the Sunrise Service on the lawn at church was very nice. We often eat out, and selected a good restaurant for our Easter Dinner.

After my treatment today I saw the doctor again. He seems very satisified with the progress. Then we checked the Schedule to find when the "Seed" implant is planned. That is scheduled for May 2 and then on the 12th I see the Oncologist, have X-Rays and a CT Scan to verify location of the implants. I understand there will be about 80 implanted.

Sure miss going to the Avion Travelcade Club rendezvous at Las Cruces. We were really looking forward to that one and planned on visiting friends and family along the way. But plans are made to be changed I guess. I certainly thank all of you that have been keeping us in your prayers, they are certainly appreciated and do help.

Till next time
Andy and Loretta


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