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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday April 9

Well, a bit behind on my posting, but really haven't had a lot to report. Been going to the Cancer Center in Lecanto, FL every weekday for radiation therapy. No ill effects of any concern. Tomorrow is the last. We plan on taking our trailer then head to Georgia for an RV rally. Have to be back here for next appointment along my path to cure on the 21st.

I have done a good job of cleaning the outside of trailer and roof now that the weather has improved. Did have one stormy day this week with several inches of rain and tornados in the surrounding area. But last week we had over 8" of rain. Also as usual there are little maintenance jobs to be taken care of.

What with the daily trips and weather, we haven't done much except eating out some and shopping. We have been going to Inglis on Saturday mornings to have breakfast with most of the Ham Radio operators there.

We are both feeling well and I hope to perk up a bit more after radiation finishes. Loretta's leg still bothers some when it is wet, but she is getting around better than in years. I think the surgery may have removed some arthritis also.

More later.

Andy and Loretta


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