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Saturday, November 05, 2005

November 5

Well we have been treated to beautiful Fall weather since arriving in Tennessee. Most mornings have had frost in the meadow near our trailer, but where we are parked under the trees the temperature is much warmer. Daytime temperatures have been in the 60 and 70's. This morning I woke to temperature over 70 and it topped out at 80 - pretty nice for early November, HI.

We have been unwinding mostly since arriving here and I did a few chores around the trailer that our hectic schedule hadn't allowed. Sharon (Loretta's daughter) is slowly improving now that she is at home. Still a long way to go.

We have been to Columbia and Pulaski for shopping and other errands. Today we went to the park in Pulaski where the "Trail of Tears" motorcycle ride ended. Loretta's son Dave is an active biker so he and his wife Kathy assisted in the festivities. We visited the vendors, had lunch and watched the Indian dances - also listened to the music and chants.

Nest week we start our doctor appointments. First thing will be a trip to the dentist as at Halloween I was chewing on a Tootsie Roll and pulled a filling out. So now a new filling then later we start to do our annual appointments with other doctors. Perhaps Loretta will also do a follow-up with the orthopedic Surgeon. I hope so as she is still having some problems with the left knee after the surgery a year ago.

Not much more to report, so will close for now.

Andy and Loretta


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