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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Biopsies, etc.

Biopsies, etc.

On Monday, April 17 I took Loretta to Maury Regional Hospital for blood tests and paperwork in preparation for the biopsies. Then on Tuesday we were back there at 0730. As she was already registered, she was soon taken to Same Day Surgery. I left her at the nurses station and went to Nuclear Medicine for my Radioactive Shot. When I got back to her room, son-in-law Bill was with her. They took more blood and put IV in in preparation for the Kidney biopsy. Bill works in that hospital so we were able to accompany her into the Ultrasound room at about 0900. We had to leave during the procedure, but waited outside in the hall. The pathologist came out soon to say he had a good sample and should have results in 48 hours. Then she went back to her room to wait till 1030-1200 for the Lymph Node biopsy. At 1030, I went back to Nuclear Medicine for the Full-body Bone Scan. That should have taken less than a half hour, but they also did extra scans on my feet. Then after looking at pictures they wanted more scans of my head, then X-Rays of my head.

When I got back to her room, Bill left as he had work to do at the farm and was tired. She was hungry but couldn’t have food yet, however the nurse brought some broth and Jell-O which helped. It was about 1330 when they took her into a CT-Scan room for the Lymph Node biopsy. That didn’t take long and she said it was “A piece of cake”, and she doesn’t like CT-Scan machines. She was allowed to go home as soon as she could keep food down. She took it easy for next few days as she is still swollen, hurting and tired.

On Thursday, my doctor came to say he now wanted a CT-Scan of my head. He booked that for Friday. Then in the evening, the Kidney doctor called to say he had the test results and wanted to see Loretta on Friday also. So I had her at his office at 1100. His diagnosis was “Minimum Change”. Apparently the Kidneys are allowing to much protein to pass from the blood into the urine. He said that this was the better of several things he had considered. The others would require Chemotherapy, but he is treating her with High Dosage Prednisone and another medication to reduce stomach distress caused by Prednisone. He will see her in 6 weeks and hopefully can start to slowly taper her off the medicine. Thank the LORD for modern medicine. He said that in the old days they would not even be able to see the cause through a microscope. Even modern microscopes and dyes did not reveal the problem. They had to use the Electron Microscope to detect it.

In the afternoon I went to the Outpatient Pavilion at the hospital for my CT-Scan. That only took minutes, but the wait was hours. Loretta is feeling relieved as she was concerned about Cancer even though the doctors had told her it wasn’t. We did go out for dinner with her family in the evening as great-granddaughter (looks like a young adult) who had been visiting was returning to NY state. Loretta is still swollen and uncomfortable, but hopefully the medication will start to do the job soon. Keep on Praying for her please.


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