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Monday, April 17, 2006

Loretta to hospital - April 11

Loretta to hospital - April 11

Loretta called our family doctor in Columbia, TN in the morning and got an appointment for early afternoon. He examined her and had me take directly to Maury Regional Hospital. He had faxed the orders over and she was soon in a room and tests underway. She spent 3 days in the hospital while they ran a multitude of tests. The same problem that the ER doctor had observed was apparent here, except the protein imbalance was worse. Dr. Barr a Kidney specialist was called in and after more tests he ordered a Kidney needle biopsy. Our doctor had noticed an enlarged Lymph Node for some time. There was no apparent change, but he did want more info so ordered a needle biopsy on that also. I brought her home on Friday. She was swollen and hurting, but did enjoy Easter with her family and friends here. Also her son drove from Jamestown, NY with his family to be with her as he is very concerned.

Our doctor had also ordered a Full-body Bone Scan on me for next Tuesday. Loretta’s biopsies are scheduled for the same day, so that will be a busy day at the hospital.

More later
Andy and Loretta


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