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Friday, June 16, 2006

Now in New York

Loretta was supposed to get results of her tests on Monday, June 5 but they weren't all back yet. She called again on Tuesday for them and to be sure when lshe had to be back for her next appointment. The nurse said the the August date was too far away and changed it to the 4th week in July. But she does have to go in a week before for blood and urine tests so the doctor will have results when she sees him next time. So on Wedesday we departed for Frewsburg, NY to visit friends and family in this area. We didn't hurry much and stopped at Camping World in Bowling Green, KY for some needed items for our trailer. We also stopped at Miracle Ear in Sears at Millcreek Mall near Erie, PA as her hearing aids have been causing some pain. The lady there said that she might be alergic to the plastic and after applying salve for the weekend to call back if they still bothered.

We arrived here to ficd that there was a voicemail on our cell phone from the Doctor's wife. Loretta called her back to find that the protein in the urine sample was 300mg, down from 8000mg. She told here that she didn't know what Loretta was doing, but that to keep doing it. They were both elated.

We discovered that the 30Amp power cord we had used in the past was no longer available. So a trip to Home Depot and an electrical supply house provided the supplies to build a new 100 foot cord. Loretta's ears were still hurting on Monday and a call to Erie resulted in an appointment early on Tuesday at their Lab in downtown Erie. The technician there examined her and said he would try a very thin coating of another plastic over the hearing aids. If that doesn't work, they will have to be rebuilt with a plastic that she isn't allergic to. Fortunately, as of now the coating seems to have done the job. We did travel a different way on the way back to see some of the country that we haven't seen in ages.

We spent the rest of the week tending to things around the trailer and here at our host's property. Also did some cleaning, washed truck, did shopping, laundry, visited some of our favorite restaurants, etc. I also went to the Outpatient Department at WCA Hospital today for a PSA test to be takeen as one was overdue. Loretta hasn't been feeling too chipper, perhaps it is the high dosage Prednisone, but her weight is almost back to normal. We are hopeful that when she sees the doctor next time that dosage will be reduced.

Not much more to report except that the sunsets here on the top of the hill are greats. The weather here has been chilly, but starting to warm up some and calling for upper 80's over the weekend.

Till next time
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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