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Monday, July 10, 2006

About ready to leave NY

Sunset from our trailer in NY

Well, our visit here hasn't been as we had hoped. Loretta didn't feel up to doing a lot of visiting, so we were unable to get together with many friends and some family in the area. However, we were able to spend Fathers Day and the 4th with family and friends. Also it was nice to get together with friends at Wheeler Hill UM Church, but Loretta was too ill to go a couple of weeks.

Apparently the new plastic coating on her hearing aids worked and Loretta can now wear them regularly. I suspect that her discomfort, unable to sleep, shaking, weight gain and swelling are caused by the high dosage of Prednisone she is on. But based on the last test results, we expect that to be reduced in a couple of weeks. Sure hope so as it hurts to see her suffer so much. She goes in next week for tests then the week after to see the Kidney specialist when he gets results back.

In addition to some visiting, shopping and dining out, I was able to ggive the trailer a good cleaning. I also did a bit of work around the yard here and assisted friend Dave some in the woodlot here where he and some friends are harvesting firewood for sale. The property has been logged and an awful lot of good timber was left that is becoming fuel for folks to heat with.

My brother Clair has a summer place in the campground just down the road. He is an expert mechanic, so he assisted on some minor maintaince items with our truck. One of his grandsons graduated from high school in Warren, PA nearby this year. His daughter from North Carolina, son from Florida and their families came for the celebration and it was nice to see them again.

As Loretta has to be back in Tennessee next week for tests to be taken, we plan on heading back Wednesday. I belong to the local Teamster's Retirees Club, and they are having a Chicken Barbeque on Tuesday. As it is part of the membership and it is also nice to visit the old friends that attend, we will be doing that before moving.

One bad event to mar the visit - Loretta's great-grandaughter Cassandra has been working on a horse farm. On Friday, she fell or was thrown from a horse. She chipped her spine and will go to Children's Hospital in Buffalo tomorrow. Keep her in your prayers that she recovers well and soon.

Guess that gets you up to date.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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