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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back in Tennessee

We had an uneventful trip back to Circle P Farm (daughter Sharon's) near Lynnville, TN. Loretta still having problems, especially sleeping and hasn't been up to going to church or much else. I did get her out for shopping and some dining, but mostly she has been taking it easy. She did see the Kidney Specialist this week and he has started to taper her off the Prednisone. However that will take months so no real improvement on medication related symptoms as of now. Hopefully the symptoms will disappear as the dosage is reduced.

One bit of good news, great-granddaughters injuries weren't as bad as we had first heard. She does have a chip off on one of the vertebrae, but hopefully it will reattach itself. However she will have to wear a back brace and limit movement for several months. Pretty rough for an active 14 year old, and sure she is missing her work at the horse farm. Keep her in your prayers along with Loretta. Also, Sharon has been in hospital again but she is now back to work. She can use prayers too.

When we arrived here and I put the large slide-out out, I discovered that I could not put it back in as one end was not moving. It was too hot and humid to work on it at that time. However, since then Loretta's son Dave got under the trailer and with my assistance we were able to do the necessary repairs. It was only a bolt that had fallen out due to the nut coming off. Unfortunately it was on the front end between the axles and of course we checked the other end as access was much easier. I used a lock-nut this time, and hopefully that won't happen again. Of course I feared a sheared pin which would have been much harder to repair.

This morning, we had a heavy rainstorm, and the patio awning was holding water. I should have lowered one end a bit more to get it off, but instead put more pressure on it. This caused both support arms to bend badly. So now I will have to see if I can obtain replacement parts from Domectic (A&E) and do the necessary repairs there.

Loretta's sister in Missouri has been under the weather, and we had planned a trip to visit she and Cliff before Loretta's next doctor visit. Of course part of that is dependent on Loretta's health. Now, will have to see about awning repairs too. That should be done before we travel I expect also.

Guess that is enough "crying the blues" for now, HI
Till later

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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