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Friday, August 25, 2006

Near Adrian, MO

We had planned on leaving early last week for our trip here, however Loretta had come down with a bad cold and didn't feel up to travel. By Saturday morning she felt up to the trip and really wanted to visit her sister at this time. We had a good trip, stopping for lunch at Loretta Lynn's Kitchen in Hurricane Mills, TN for lunch. We were taking a new route and until we got onto Interstate 40, it was very crooked and hilly so time wasn't anything to brag about. By the time we neared Sikeston, MO we only had done about 250 miles but we were both tired and it was very hot. So we stopped at Town and Country RV Park. Really nice - he said he still observing the Passport America half price card. However the charge was $17 with the card. After getting set up, we went into town for supper. We checked out Lambert's (the home of the throwed roll), but several hundred were standing outside waiting to get in. We then went in search of a Seafood House we had seen advertised, but apparently didn't go far enough. I had spotted a Steak House so we returned there for a delicious supper. Seniors were allowed to order from the children's menu and there was still more than we could eat. The salad bar, hot bar and desert bar was also included but we certainly couldn't do justice to that even with "Take Out" boxes for most of our meal.

Sunday we took Rt. 60 across southern Missouri. Some of that in nice and level 4 lane, some hilly crooked 4 lane and some very crooked hilly 2 lane through the Ozarks. Scenery was beautiful, but I could hardly take my eyes off the road. We could have made it to Crescent Hill Farm near Adrian that day, but it would have been close to dark by time we arrived. So we fueled and had supper at a restaurant (Peg's) that we have always liked in Collins. Then we headed west on Route 54 to a very nice campground. They did not recognize the Passport card, but did the Escapees for 15% discount and price was under $13 with tax

Monday we continued on to Crescent Hill Farm, stopping for breakfast at a nice diner in Rich Hill. When we arrived here, Loretta's brother-in-law helped us get parked. After getting set up, we went into their house to visit him and Lorraine. Cliff made supper and since then he and Loretta have switched off on preparation of the evening meal. We usually go out to eat every few days, but haven't been doing that this time. I had several outside things to do on the trailer, but with temperatures in 90 and 100's, I have only done a few smaller tasks. I have done some inside cleaning and maintenance jobs.

On Thursday their sons Carl and Richard had come to assist with the work on the lot here. Then in the afternoon a call came from daughter Debbie from Tennessee. She had been in Springfield on a work assignment and was stopping by for a short visit on her return to catch a plane at Kansas City. So an enjoyable dinner was had with the family. The temperature was still 80 at 3AM the next morning. However we did have some light showers and a short heavy thunderstorm later in the morning. The water was appreciated, but not enough to make much real effect on the drought here. The corn here is ready to harvest and some has already been picked. I imagine it is about a month early due to the hot and dry weather.

Last evening we had storm warnings and heavy rain off and on a good share of the night. This water did help, but still hardly enough to make a dent in the shortage of rain. It did cool things off a bit and today the temperature did not get to 90 for a change. We spent most of day shopping, running errands and some minor maintenance outside work.

Bout all for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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