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Friday, August 18, 2006

Still in Tennessee

Howdy all;

Well it has been mostly HOT and humid here at Circle P Farm. I contacted Dometic (A&E Awnings) and got the part number for the lower awning arms that I had damaged in a heavy rainstorm.I was then able to order them from Camping World (without the number they wanted to sell a complete hardware package at several hundred dollars). They arrived in about 2 days at aprox $80. It only took me a short while to replace them and a spring I thought was lost was caught in the upper arm, so I was able to make all repairs without incident.

I also seemed to be having trouble getting batteries to full charge. I suspected a faulty converter, so removed the 2 40amp converters and installed a 60amp unit that I had. However, it only blew fuses and I suspect that it is faulty. I checked the 40amp units and they appeared to be OK, so I put them back in. Still not getting up to full charge though. I don't think the load has been that heavy. The batteries seem to be OK and I do have a 100watt solar panel, but that doesn't do much parked in the shade.

The doctor dropped Loretta's Prednisone from 100mg every other day for 2 weeks, then 50mg every other day till her next appointment. I think she sleeps somewhat better, but still not getting much on the nights she takes the medication. Hopefully she will sleep after her next appointment when he reduces the dosage again. She has come down with a bad cold now which doesn't help. Please keep her n your prayers.

We had planned on leaving today to visit her sister and brother-in-law in Missouri. But now will have to see how she feels. As she has to be back the 1st, we may have to postpone that trip.

Grandson Scott came home from Martin, TN and we went with them to help bring his belongings back. He has been very busy preparing 27 head of sheep to show at the Giles County Fair. The sheep show is over and I guess they did quite well. The fair runs through the weekend, but I doubt we will do that at all.

It has been so hot and humid that a few things I wanted to do on the outside of the trailer have been put off for now.

Not much more for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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