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Saturday, September 16, 2006

At Spokane, near Ferriday, LA

As planned, we got under way Wednesday forenoon even though thunderstorms had been forcast. There were a vew early morning sprinkles which did delay our start somewhat. We stopped for breakfast near Loretto, TN, then proceeded into Alabama and the Natchez Trace. As usual the ride down the Trace was beautiful and quite peaceful. Most signs of the Tornado that had preceeded us last time was remaing and they were finishing cleaning them up. We stopped at one of the Visitor Centers and some of the Points of Interest. We inspected one of the campgrounds, but as there was no Cell Phone service and we needed to make some calls continued on. When we got to Jackson, MS, we encountered a detour which with the oncoming darkness was somewhat confusing. We had supper and spent the night at the Flying J near Pearl, MS as we planned on dumping, getting water and fuel. Diesel was 2.48/gal there, lowest we had paid in ages.

Thursday morning we took our time doing the chores, getting breakfast, etc. as we were scheduled for arrival at our friends Jim and Pat at about 1400. We had one bit of excitement along the Trace. Loretta felt something touching her neck and looked around to see a large mouse, small rat, or? on her seat looking at her. She leat out a yell and I started to look for a place to pull over. However he got on the back of the rear seat, so she opened the rear window ans shooed him outside. We have no idea how or where he got into our truck. Perhaps when I had doors open sometime, of course he could squeeze under the door even if it was shut probably. Then when we got to the end of the Natchez Trace, we encountered construction and lack of route markings. So we ended up heading the wrong way. We got turned around and crossed the Mississippi river only to encounter the heaviest cloud of Lovebugs I had ever seen. Fortunately they did not cover the windshield enough to interfere with visibility. We tried to call ahead then without luck so followed our instructions to our destination. We waited in the driveway there a short while till Jim came to get us back to their parking space next door. They have 2 fill hookup sites on a contrete pad overlooking Lake St. John. After a visit, we went out to an excellent restaurant nearby.

Yesterday, we unwound some, I walked around tha area and took many pictures. We visited some and went into Ferriday for some shopping and a ride around the area. Supper was leftovers from the day before and still had much to throw out. Had we known the sizes of servings, we would have ordered one dinner and shared. The appetizer was boiled shrimp and there were 2 large containers for each of us containing perhaps 2 dozen each. But they were sure good chilled last night. As of now, we have no plans for today except to relax which we have been doing this morning.

Apparently the change in Loretta's medication has helped as she has already started to get ride of some of the excess weight. Sure hope things work out for her - do keep her in your prayers.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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