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Saturday, October 28, 2006

David Crockett State Park

Our trip to Montgomery from Livingston, TX was uneventful with good weather as a drought is in that area. We spent about a week and a half at the Fleetwood Travelcade Club rendezvous in Montgomery. Haven's Landing is a lovely campground but rather expensive. However we had a lovely waterside site which wasn't too far from the convention hall. The first few days kept me occupied with Radio talk-in and Parking duties. Also there were enough activities, visiting, etc to keep us busy. However Loretta developed a problem in one hip which kept her from much participation again. I contacted a chiropractor which came in to his office to treat her on Saturday which gave some relief. However after several visits, he decided to X-Ray her back and hip. Although her back was still a bit out of alignment, he felt that she had bursitis and recommended Aleve for relief. This helped some, but she has had to use a cane to get around since the problem started. Therefore we didn't do any of the tours at the rendezvous, and I drove her to the convention hall the times she did go. She missed some excellent entertainment which made me feel badly.

On Sunday, 15 October, we moved to Arlington, TX where we parked at the Wee Bee Bus Company. This is the home of friends of Gil and Bonnie, and Gil converts passenger busses to custom Motor Homes. We arrived to find that pulling out of the steep drive at Haven's Landing RV Park had resulted in a bent stabilizer jack. So I installed a replacement and used Gil's shop to straighten the bent one for future use. We were given a tour of their new house. Gil designed it and used industrial weight H-Beams for the supporting structure and metal for the rest of the framework. What with that, the heavy construction materials and brick exterior, I would say it was one Heck of a Job for the 2 of them to do since our last visit a couple of years ago. Also Gil had knee surgery and the zoning board held them up several months.

Their place is only 5 miles from the home of Loretta's uncle and aunt in Arlington which made commuting very easy. They kept us busy with visiting and trips to several attractions including the museum at American Airlines which was very interesting. A wheelchair was furnished for Loretta so she was able to enjoy the facility also. Also of course several meals both at their house and restaurants. Last time we introduced them to the game of Joker, and of course they wanted to play that every visit.

I assisted Gil a bit on work on their personal Bus and a wooden walkway. I also assisted Dick (Loretta's uncle) on some computer software. They had purchased a new computer, and are sending their old one back with us to Sharon's daughter's family. So I will have some work with that when we get back to Circle P Farm.

We had made plans with Dick and Anne for Tuesday, so that meant we would have to leave Wednesday morning as Loretta had to drop off a test sample for the kidney doctor this week. Weather was getting iffy, so we put our large slideout in before going to bed. Good thing as it rained some during night. It was heavy overcast when I woke Wednesday, so I hurried around and we got secured and hooked up. By the time we said farewell to Gil and got on our way, it started to rain. It rained all day, mostly a drizzle, but enough to make for unpleasant driving. Plans were to drive to Little Rock, AR - over 300 miles, but I gave up near Texarkana which was only a bit over 200 miles. This left well over 400 miles for Thursday, however the rain was even worse then. By dark, we had gone over 375 miles and I gave up. We located a Wal-Mart in Savannah, TN and spent night in heavy rain.

Yesterday we woke to more of the same. A call to daughter Sharon resulted in the word that it was supposed to rain today too. They suggested we head straight there, but knowing I would have to pull onto a grassy slope and back into our parking space, was worried about getting stuck. We opted to find a campground and selected this park as it was right on the way. We registered, parked and got electric hooked up. Then went to Columbia to deliver the test sample. The rain finally let up by time we got back mid afternoon. So we did our setup and spent a rather gloomy afternoon catching up on inside things and listening to acorns that sounded like baseballs hitting the roof. Fortunately they stopped falling by bedtime. A voicemail and emails provided the sad news that long time friend and helper Dave Woodburn N2ODU had passed away. This was not unexpected as he has suffered a multitude of service related medical problems for many years, but still a shock.

This morning the sun is shining, skies are clear and a nice breeze blowing. We are parked in a beautiful wooded area. It is peaceful enough to stay here, but expect to move to the farm as soon as it dries off somewhat.

Till later
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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