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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rainbows End - Livingston, TX

Clubhouse at Rainbows End

We enjoyed our visit with former Avion Travelcade Club members Jim and Pat near Ferriday, LA. Jim gave me a tour of their extensive grain and cotton farming operation. This included one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen on the banks of a bayou. We also shopped some in Ferriday, enjoyed a small cafe in Spokane and took a personal ride around the area.

On Sunday 17 September, we moved to the farm of our friends Craig and Paulette south of Crowley, LA. We missed a turn on the way and got the opportunity to travel through some of the timber country on Louisiana. Craig told me later that timber is the biggest agricultural crop in the state which was a surprise to me. They have switched from rice and Crawfish to an all Beef operation. They may grow rice again in the future, but prices are too low to make it attractive at this time.

He also operates a semi truck with which he hauls grain, and rice hulls to an electrical generating plant in Lake Charles, LA. I rode several trips there with him the last time we visited, and this time went on a trip to get rice from a field north of Alexandria, LA. I had discovered a loose bolt on the front right cab mount. I suspected that the vibration insulator was damaged. I hadn't found one at shops we had visited, so I had Lingo International in Lafayette order one for me. Craig helped replace that and the bolt. It appeared that the only problem was that the bolt had never been tightened properly, but we installed the new insulator anyway. We also discovered that one of the Mor-Ryde rubber springs was weakened. I had a replacement with me, but that was more than we had tools for. So I took it to Jimmie Smith Repair nearby. He has a small shop at his home where he works on vehicles and farm machinery at a very reasonable rate.

I assisted Craig with several tasks around the farm, and last Saturday went with he and Paulette where I assisted on a 4H demonstration project at the school where she teaches. As usual, we enjoyed several of the fine Cajun eateries in the area as well and shopped some. Loretta didn't feel up to doing any sightseeing, but she did prepare dinner for the four of us. Of course Craig prepared some of his excellent meals.

But good things have to end, and all too soon it was time to leave. We could have stayed 2 more days, but wanted to visit Rainbows End, the home park of the Escapees RV Club near Livingston, TX. Yesterday we moved here, it was a fairly short trip but by the time we got here and set up in the heat, I was beat. It was also a bit late for the welcoming social here. Today we enjoyed a delicious luncheon here at the campground. I spent the afternoon unloading the storage compartments on the trailer, sorting and repacking some of the STUFF and reloading. It was really too hot, so I had to cool off and unwind afterwards. We went into town to shop and have supper at an excellent seafood house here.

Tomorrow we move to Montgomery, about 60 miles away for the Fleetwood Travelcade Club rendezvous. One of our neighbors stopped by today to tell me they are heading there too. Don't know if we will travel together or not. We are workers, so are scheduled to arrive early.

Till Later
Loretta and Andy


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