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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back at Circle P Farm

View from our parking space at Jim and Pat's near Ferriday, LA

We spent 3 nights at beautiful David Crockett Park. On Friday, we took Loretta's test sample to her Kidney doctor so he would have results for her appointment on Tuesday 31 October. We also checked out the buffet dinner at the restaurant in the park. It was quite good, but nothing really exceptional. By Monday, the yard at the farm had dried out, so we moved there. Loretta had run out of her Prednisone, so had the doctor call an order to the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Pulaski. When we went there, we found that the dosage had been changed. We got a voicemail message informing us that they were reducing dosage again. Then they called again on Tuesday morning to tell her that they did NOT need to see her this month. Results of the test were good and she was to follow the prescribed dosage till next visit on 11 December.

Her uncle Dick in Arlington, TX had sent back their old computer which I spent a few days getting set up for grandson Scott. The farm computer had failed just before we left last time. So Bill and Sharon went to Best Buy in Cool Springs where they purchased a new computer with lots of memory, fast CPU and 19" LCD monitor - NICE. I took the old computer apart and put the DVD writer in Scott's computer and added a high speed R/W CD drive to the new one. Now both can play both audio CD's and movie DVD's as well as all other CD and DVD tasks.

Loretta tripped on an object on the ground on Saturday and took a nasty tumble. Nothing broken, but she sure is bruised and hurting. She was unable to go to church with me on Sunday. Then we had 2 days of rain which aggravated it too. So right now, she is getting around with difficulty with the aid of a walker. Yesterday we were both scheduled for checkups at out family doctor. She was able to do that though uncomfortable. Then we stopped to vote on way home.

My Ham Radio in the trailer has been out of order for some time. Today, I found time to work on that. Still isn't right, but can use it now. However still have to find out why the antenna tuner isn't working. So that gives me a project to work on tomorrow.

Not much else to report, except the lab called with the report that all of my tests were fine. Haven't gotten Loretta's yet, and she still has one to do. Guess that is about all for now.

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Thank You

and GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta


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