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Friday, December 01, 2006

Feels like winter

Scott dressing out nice buck

Really not a lot to report since our last post. Loretta decided to go to our chiropractor with the pain in her hip as it wasn't improving. He examined her and said the problem was in her back. After Several adjustments, she was improved enough that he said to only return if she felt the need. She had been using a walker to get around since her injury, but now only uses it for security on the gravel driveway here. I think that she is also sleeping somewhat better as the Prednisone dosage is lowered. However still sometimes has difficulty on the nights after the medication.

I have puttered around on a few tasks around the trailer and gotten the ham radio transceiver working again. So now I can check into my favorite RV networks, but usually only make the RV Service Net at 6-8AM Central Time. Mostly it has been running errands, etc with several trips to Texas T Campground for propane. We had a chilly spell that put quite a demand on our furnace. However the past week has been abnormally warm which helped. However, I think that is about to end for now. Temperatures have been in the 70's and past few nights in the 60's. But this morning it was 34 and I think stayed in the 30's all day. Tonight is expected to go down to the 20's and also the next several nights. Yesterday was beautiful, but it started to rain during the evening and continued off and on most of night accompanied with heavy winds. This morning I looked out to see a fairly large limb over 20 feet long from the Maple tree that we park under down next to our trailer. Fortunately it had missed the coach so no damage was done. I moved it out of the way later along with a quantity of small limbs.

We celebrated 3 Thanksgiving dinners. On Thanksgiving day, we went to son Woody's down the road to celebrate with his family. Here at daughter Sharon and Bill's they observed the holiday the following day due to work commitments. And we had two dinners here, one at noon as some had to leave early and one in the late afternoon for those that couldn't arrive in time for the first dinner. Of course there was way too much food at all and I now have to get rid of the several pounds that I added. But it sure was all good including the leftovers.

Loretta has her next appointment with the Kidney doctor on the 11th, and unless something unforeseen comes up, we will be heading for Florida shortly thereafter.

Otherwise not a lot to comment on.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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