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Monday, January 15, 2007

Things are coming along

Well, things seem to be coming along. Loretta is now sleeping better, but the Prednisone is still keeping the excess weight on. So she still isn't feeling really well and not up to doing much. My back hasn't been bothering, but I had a bout of Gout last week. Had to go to a new doctor and he prescribed a non-steroid medicine rather than the painful Cortisone shot followed by steroids that I had last year. It was very effective and in only a few days my foot was back to normal. Certainly thankful for that.

After some struggle, I now have everything working with the new Acer computer except it still will not communicate with the Samsung cell phone. However here I do have a Wi--fi connection that is much better than the phone anyway. And at other times, I can use the cell phone with my laptop computer.

Other than that, not a lot happening. The usual shopping, visiting and dining out. I have done a few maintenance tasks around the trailer thanks to the excellent summer-like weather. Escept for a few days, temperatures have been in 70 and 80's and nights have been in 50 and 60's.

We usually attend 2 RV rallies at Christmas Airstream Park in Christmas, FL. However both of them have been moved to other facilities. So, at this time we have not made plans to attend either. We will be moving south to visit ftiends and family later, but no plans until after Loretta gets results on her next tests.

Till later
Andy and Loretta


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