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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Too long since last report so will be long

Loretta's twin great-grandsons

Well, a lot to report this time. We went to Daytona Beach on December 23. We like International RV Park on the west side of town towards DeLand (Passport America). So we parked and got set up, then went to The Wing House for supper - great wings, sandwiches and Hooters has nothing on the waitresses there. Got back to trailer to find computer had died. So I took it apart to find that the power supply had failed. Also there were several other problems and it was getting quite old. So decided to shop for new one after Christmas.

Christmas Eve and day were spent celebrating with Loretta's family in Daytona Beach. While there, we had torrential rains and saw by the TV that there was a tornado touchdown in town. The storm had crossed the state touching down near Tampa, then Leesburg, then DeLand before hitting Daytona Beach. We took a trip back to the campground, but looked as if nothing but rain there. Apparently the storm skipped over the campground and set down at Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute a couple of miles east destroying many planes and damaging others and buildings. It continued a few more miles to an apartment complex which it destroyed. Fortunatly there were only a few injuries and no deaths in any of the storms. We were celebrating only a couple miles north of the apartment complex. Our guardian angels were working overtime, thank the LORD.

On the 26th, I shopped a few stores for a new computer and Circuit City gave me a deal on an Acer that is a great computer. However upon arriving back at the trailer, I discovered that it would not communicate with my cell phone. So I paid for another night at the campground and was waiting for the store to open. Their Firedog Technician spent most of morning and felt he had it working right. Another quick check indicated that still not able to install the phone as a modem. So I went back and he tried to contact Acer Support without any luck. I checked several display computers and the problem appeared to be about the same with most. Most of them have Windows XP Professional (Media Center) installed. We were already over an hour past checkout time, so hooked up and left as I had a doctor appointment in Lecanto the next day.

The next day, the Oncologist gave me a clean bill of health and said I did not need to come back. Also the chiropractor got my back straightened out again which had still been bothering. I struggled with the computer as time permitted, but did not have much time till after the first of the year. As Loretta is still not feeling too great, we only went out for dinner New Years Eve. On the 2nd, the Urologist reported satisfaction with the progress on my Prostate Cancer and won't see me for a year.

I then got serious about the computer and it appeared restoring it to factory defaults would be a good idea. However the programs to do that and those to make Emergency Restore disks were not visible to me. Several calls to Acer Support resulted in wait times of 1/2 to 3 hours which were unacceptable with a cell phone. Finally one morning I tried at 6AM and got a technician that told me how to restore the computer. I spent a lot of time doing that, making Restore Disks and testing them. BUT it still will not install the phone as a modem. I did load the rest of my software and tested it. Some I had to download to our laptop, then transfer to the Acer to install. I have decided that the XP Professional does not like the cell phone drivers. However I did get the Wi-Fi adapter working and there are several access points in the area. I cannot always connect through them, but have been able to download all updates. We can use the laptop with the cell phone for email and necessary Internet duties, so not all is lost. And the Acer is fast with lots of storage which is great for our records, photos, mapping, ect.

Today Loretta was feeling well enough to attend church. Then this afternoon we went out for a nice dinner (had been eating at nice but quickie places mostly). Then we had a nice visit with some friends at their new house. I hope and PRAY that she continues to improve and lose the excess weight and start feeling normal. Keep her in your prayers too please.

GOD Bless and
belated Happy New Year
Andy and Loretta.


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