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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Slow start to the year

Really don't have much exciting to report. Loretta still having some problems, BUT did get GOOD news last week. After viewing the latest test reports, her doctor cut the Prednisone dosage in half. It is now 10mg every other day and hopefully she will start to lose some of that excess weight. She is starting to feel better and hopefully we can visit some friends in the area soon. We have made plans to visit friends in Spring Hill on Tuesday.

We also had a spell of very good weather, so Cal and myself pulled the trailer wheels, inspected the brakes and packed the bearings. I was surprised to find that the brakes didn't show a lot of wear as we have pulled it about 30,000 miles and I don't know how far the previous owner pulled in the year they had it. I should give it a good cleaning both inside and out weather permitting too.

We sure were protected by our guardian angel this week. The tornadoes that did so much damage and resulted in many deaths were less than 5o miles away. In fact there had been tornado warnings a few miles from here earlier in the evening. We did have heavy winds and rain, but no building damage in the area. A few shingles off and dead trees and limbs down. Thank the LORD.

Other than that, not much to report.

Hope to hear from some of you!!!

Andy and Loretta

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