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Monday, March 12, 2007

Back to Circle P Farm

On Saturday 3 Mar, we went to Daytona Beach as planned and had a nice visit with Loretta's family and relatives there. On Sunday, Sue's parent's pulled out and we saw them off for their trip north. In the evening we went to Ruby Tuesday's with Glenn and Sue for our farewell dinner.

We then got on the road Monday morning heading back to Tennessee. The trip was pretty uneventful, except a couple of occasions. First we came upon an object in the road that looked like a short 4x4 that I could not get around due to no shoulder and oncoming traffic. I centered it and then dixcovered it was a metal object. Something in the truck hit it and I looked back to see one sewer hose hanging out of the holder. As soon as I found a shoulder wide enough to get off, I put that back, then looked under the trailer for possible damage. Fortunately, the only damage was that the inside cap of the hose holder had been knocked off. So I removed the hose and carried in the truck bed for the rest of the trip. Then as we neared Americus, GA, we encountered a large amount of damage from the recent tornadoes. In fact, some roads were still closed and police were directing traffic several days after the storms.

About 50 miles before Birmingham, AL, we received a phone call from Loretta's son Steve. They were in the process of moving from Jamestown, NY to Macon, GA and were about 50 miles north of town. So we arranged to meet them at the Flying J where we had a nice visit before they moved on. We fueled, dumped tanks and filled water tank there also. We arrived at the home of Loretta's daughter Wednesday where I got parked and set up.

Thursday, I took Loretta to see her Kidney specialist. They had already incresed her Prednisone back to 150mg every other day. She was told that she had suffered a relapse and the protein in the urine sample was 2 grams. So he is trying another medication now. She has to continue the Prednisone tapering back to 50mg in 2 weeks. In addition to the new medication, he doubled the dosage of 2 that she has been taking. SO - back to sleepless nights the days she takes Prednisone. She wasn't able to start the new medicine as soon as planned because the pharmacist informed us that it wasn't covered under our insurance and a month's supply would cost over $300. On Friday, the doctor arranged for it to be covered by insurance so she did get started on Saturday and will have to go in this week for evaluation on that. At least there doesn't seem to be any side effects from this one.

Also to make life more exciting, when we got back from doctor on Thursday, I discovered water on bathroom floor. It was apparently coming from the toilet, so I removed that Friday and dissasembled it. I discovered a gasket for the drain valve had deterioated and of course had no replacement. The whole drain valve assembly should be replaced. Of course that would happen here where parts are difficult to get. The week before we were parked about 1 mile from a Camping World store that would probably had needed parts. It took me a few days of experimenting, but yesterday I was able to make a new gasket and as of now it seems to be working OK.

It is a bit cooler here than Florida so one propane tank went dry overnight. As it is a beautiful day, we went to Texas T Campground for propane then stopped at Soda Pop Junction in Lynnville for lunch.

Guess that is it for now.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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