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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Got some news that we didn't want to hear

From the Moose Club in Sarasota, we also went to Venice to visit long time friend Nancy Nickel. Nancy is disabled and this was the first time we had seen her out of bed in many years. She was moving around her new house in an electric cart. The house is great and has many amenities for those confined to wheelchairs, including a pool with lift to get in and out. Still have to have work done on the lift so she can get out of it though. Sure some improvement from the single-wide mobile home that she lived in for many years. We also visited my brother Clair and his wife in Englewood and had dinner with them. While we were there we watched the Fort Meyers parade in which their grandson Chase was with the "Young Inventors". He is very talented and has several inventions. Like his father a decorative painter, he will go far. Has already won several full scholarships to various universities. We had hoped to visit another long time friend Bob Lyons, but he wasn't home. Surprised as he is also housebound.

On Monday the 19th, we stopped to get additional extended life coolant at the International dealership (cheaper there than Wal-Mart), and having them tighten some connections from the repairs they had done. Then we hooked up and moved to St. Augustine to the home of our friends Glenn and Sue. We have visited them in Arcadia for several years, and they recently moved here. We spent a few days unwinding and visiting and I assisted Glenn with a few projects he is working on. I took Loretta to a nearby Lab on Friday to have required test done for her doctor in Tennessee.

We spent 3 days this week touring Old St. Augustine on the Red Train Tour, getting off at several stops to tour attractions, buildings, etc. Loretta has been having a lot of trouble walking, but did get around quite well. We had been having beautiful weather with temperatures in the 70's and lots of sun. But Thursday that changed with all night under a Tornado Watch. Didn't get much rain and winds weren't too bad, unlike many other places in the southeast. Then yesterday it started to rain and has ever since, so the yard here looks like a wading pool. Much more and we won't have to gotten the pool operational, HI.

We hadn't heard from doctor, so I called yesterday to find that the Lab hadn't provided the necessary information. So back to the Lab to have that and another test that the doctor wanted run. Then the doctor called later to inform us that the Protein in her urine was back up to 2 Grams. Should be near Zero. They said to go back to 150mg of Prednisone every other day - she had gotten down to 10mg. Also doubled some of her other medication. She had an appointment for the 6th, which we had changed to the 29th. But the doctor wants to see her soon and rescheduled for the 8th. We had already made plans to go to Daytona Beach today to visit her family there. But we will have to cut our visit here short, and head back to Tennessee the first of the week.

Please keep Loretta in your prayers.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta

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