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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Think things are looking up

Loretta didn't get the new medication (Cyclosporine) right away due to cost. The doctor went to bat with insurance company and got price down to $5 from $316 for a month's supply. Guess there is a biggggg profit in medicines?? So it was the 16th when she went back to doctor for blood and urine tests. She got a call this week telling her to reduce the Prednisone to 80mg every other day. She had reduced to 100mg last week. She will be on that dosage for 2 weeks and goes in next Friday for tests again. But hopefully things are starting to come together. However, the high dosage Prednisone interferes with her sleep, so every other night she hardly sleeps.

Think she is starting to feel better though. Thursday, she suggested we go to Chattanooga where she wanted to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. We had an enjoyable visit there, and she walked almost all of the way using a walker. I expect the tour took about a mile. While there we located Sherrie Crossley the granddaughter and daughter of long time Ham Radio friends from our home area in NY State. We had a nice but short visit with her as she was on duty.

I had still been having problems with the toilet in our trailer, so from the aquarium, we went to Camping World and purchased a new one. We came back home through Alabama to see some different country and had supper in Huntsville. By time we got home, we were both pretty well beat as it had been a long and busy day.

Yesterday I started to install the new toilet only to find that I needed a couple of items. So I went to the house to see if they possibly had them. Bill said that they didn't, but Sharon said the computer monitor had quit. So I went to see if I could get it working again. I got out of my chair to change location of power plug and when I went to sit back down, found the chair had moved. I fell backwards striking my head and arms on the edge of a heavy oak dining table. 2 small cuts on my head and lots of blood. Bill and Sharon both work in the medical field, so they cleaned me up and inspected the damage. It appeared rather minor, so as soon as I got my bearings, Scott drove me to a nearby lumber store, then Home Depot to get the needed items for installation. I then finished that job before taking the rest of the day pretty easy.

My head hardly hurts this morning and likewise my right arm. There is still a knot on left arm and I seemed to hurt all over last night, but I am sure everything will be OK.

Nuff for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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