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Monday, May 21, 2007

Now in Centerville, VA

Wow!, has a lot happened since last posting. We had a great rally in Marion, NC. In addition to visits with Fleetwood Travelcade Club friends and the usual rally activities, we had a nice tour of some nearby points of interest. After a week there, we headed back towards our home base in Tennessee. On the way we spent 2 nights at beautiful Cumberland Mountain State Park near Crossville. While there, we spent some time visiting former club members Gene and Flo Wilson. Then on to Cookeville where we got our truck serviced at small but very friendly Landmark International. We also overnighted there. The following day, we returned to Circle P Farm, stopping for propane at Texas T Campground near Cornersville.

Our stay at our home base was rather uneventful. I did have another bout of Gout, and a visit to family doctor was required. The medication prescribed seems to have taken care of that for now and he prescribed other medication to prevent future recurrences. Loretta's kidney doctor has moved into the same building and they did her scheduled visit while we were there which saved a 50 mile trip. Her test results were perfect, so medication adjustments have been made and she is not completely off Prednisone. So hopefully she will soon lose the excess weight and she is now feeling and getting around much better. She doesn't have another appointment till August.

Her sister and family were in state for the Mothers Day holiday and we got together for lunch with them. Also Loretta's daughter's family took us out to celebrate the holiday. On the 14th, we headed for Virginia. Relatives had purchased some property somewhat along the way, so we stopped there to view that. We made an easy trip spending 2 nights along the way and enjoying the Eastern Tennessee and Western Virginia scenery.

We arrived at the home of long time friends Al and Chris Anderson in the forenoon of the 17th. We updated things that had happened in the about 5 years since our last visit. There was preparations for their daughter Leigh's wedding, shopping, etc. On Saturday the 19th, we rode to the wedding not far from here. It was a beautiful but somewhat unusual ceremony followed by a lovely reception dinner and party. We were beat by time we arrived back home after midnight. So yesterday and today have been spent unwinding. We had been having some problems with the door latch on the trailer so today I removed that and smoothed up some rough surfaces.

Guess that gets us up to date for now.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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