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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Near Jamestown, NY

At Daugter Jodi and Ray's near Wellsville, NY

We had a good trip from my daughters place. We made several stops en route for some fuel, propane, trailer tire and shopping. When we arrived here near the highest point in Chautauqua County, NY, Tom had us park in a different location. It is a nice shady spot but the view isn't quite as breathtaking as where we had parked in the past. However we only have to go a few yards from the trailer to realize the usual view. And a new electric service has been put in at this location with a 50 Amp outlet for us to use. We also were able to make a water hookup by adding some additional hose and have drain facilities for our gray water tanks.

Loretta was able to attend a reunion of the girls she worked with at Watson Manufacturing a few evenings after our arrival. She is feeling better and getting out more, but still not exercising enough. I assume getting off the Prednisone is very helpful and she has started to trim off some of the excess weight.

We have visited some of our favorite local eateries to get some of the area goodies. We have also done some visiting with friends and family and last evening had dinner at an excellent nearby restaurant with old-time friends. Last Wednesday we also went to Clymer, NY to a well known restaurant with a Ham Radio friend and his wife. My brother and his wife are at their summer place in Homestead Park Campground at the end of the road so we have visited with them as well as seeing them at Wheeler Hill UMC Church.

There was some minor damage to the underside of the large slide out when we lost the tire, and I have repaired that. Also, I think that I mentioned that both of my HF Ham Radios had quit due to an error of mine. We picked them up at the service shop this week, so now I am able to check into my favorite RV Nets, the local repeaters and repeaters as we travel.

Today we have several errands to run and will be visiting Loretta's granddaughter Kimberly and her family. The 4th of July fireworks are scheduled this evening at Homestead Park and we will be able to watch that excellent display from the picture window in the rear of our 5th Wheel.

Guess that pretty gets things updated.
GOD Bless and Happy 4th

Andy and Loretta


  • At 5:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Andy;
    Glad to see you are still around...
    I desided to Google your call and BINGO!!!
    Next time you are in the area, Give me a call!! We can chat old times.

    Franklin S Werren N2JYG


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