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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Near Wellsville, NY

We had a great visit with our friends Al and Chris in Centerville,VA. Al, a friend and I spent one day at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport. This was very interesting and we were not able to tour the complete facility as we didn't start too early and took in a movie at the IMAX theater there. Well, that gives us something to look forward to another time. He is making a shop in his basement, and I assisted in building a new workbench there also. In addition, there was some shopping, dining out, visiting and playing Joker with them. Also on Memorial Day weekend, we went to Glen Allen, VA near Richmond. We spent 3 days there visiting Loretta's grandson Rick and wife Gina. She also got to meet 4 great grandchildren that she hadn't seen, including twin boys that were just a year old. They had moved since the last time we visited into a fairly new development of 3 story houses - very nice and a lovely home. We had a great time there including a neighborhood party. They had purchased a new barbecue grill which was too large for Rick to transport, so I hauled that from Home Depot to assist.

Last Saturday we moved to Glen Rock, PA where we visited Loretta's cousin Eric and wife Ashley. We keep in contact with them by email and were informed that they had moved into a new house there. There had been a lot of rain there, and I made some ruts in yard when getting turned around. So I went with Eric to get some material to fill them and other supplies for around the yard. We discussed some ways to help keep water away from the house and a steep bank from eroding which had already started. Hope I was helpful enough to offset the lawn damage, HI.

Sunday night it rained all night, so Monday morning when we left things were pretty wet. We waited a bit for fog to clear along Interstate 83 as that was part of our route. I got off at the wrong exit on the north side of Harrisburg, so ended up taking US-22 across the north side of the city. Really not that bad and we did pass the State Farm Show grounds where we saw the beautiful buildings there. Later we made a rest stop only to discover that one of the trailer tires had blown out. Before I could get tools out, a State Trooper arrived on the scene. He asked if he should call for assistance, but I told him I could handle the job myself and if needed could call my Road Service provider. However his offer was surely appreciated and I think he went by later to check on us. The trip across the state of Pennsylvania was very scenic and much of it very hilly and crooked roads which kept me from getting drowsy. We arrived at the home of my daughter Jodell and husband Ray in time for supper and visit.

We have had a great week here as it has been a few years since our last visit. I had discovered a water leak in the kitchen sink drain, so Ray and I repaired that and made an adjustment in the remote black water valve which had been seeping some. While we had the underbelly of the trailer off for that, we replaced the fiberglass insulation in that area with compressed Styrofoam insulating board. Should be better and definitely a lot neater.

Today my oldest son and his wife are coming over for a visit and dinner, will be good to see them again also. It always seems difficult to get by and visit them when we are in the area as arranging a time to get together is hard to do. We plan on moving Monday to our usual staying place near Frewsburg, NY. Barmore Sellstrom in Jamestown has the trailer tire in stock, so we will go by there to get that replaced on our way.

HAPPY Fathers Day to all fathers reading this.

GOD Bless
Andy and LorettaW2UCZ.com


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