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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back in Hot/Humid Tennessee

We had a good and busy time while in Western New York. As I mentioned in my last post, the fireworks display at Homestead Park Campground was very good and mostly visible from the picture window of out RV. Then on the 4th, we went to Maple Springs, NY on Chautauqua Lake. There we visited Loretta's grandaughter Kimberly who lives on the outskirts of Midway State Park. The park is know for the quality of the fireworks display they provide and we were only a few hundred yards away. Also there were displays all around us up and down the lake. We visited many of our friends, but still missed many due to the fact that Loretta still isn't up to par. We did attend the Teamster Retires Picnic where I met many of my driver friends and we were treated to a delicious Chicken Barbecue. This was served in the picnic pavilion at the American Legion in Randolph, NY. A week later, we were back to the Legion for a dinner with my classmates from Randolph Central School class of 51. Over 1/3 of the graduating class was in attendance and as we were unable to attend it was very good to visit again.

Also I took several walks around the area where we were parked. One evening our host Kathy and myself took a walk through the nearby campground as we often did. On the way there we saw deer which waited till we were quite near before going into the woods. Deer in this area are very common and we usually see them as well as Wild Turkeys, Squirils, Woodchucks, Chipmunks and a great quantity of birds. We picked up some trash along the road and when we got to the campground, I threw it into the dumpster where I suprpised a Racoon. They are in the area in great numbers too and we had been warned that some of them are rabid, so we avoid getting near them. Then as we were about to leave the campground to walk back to our parking space a car stopped to tell us that there was a bear along the road before we would get there. We continued up the road and sure enough there was one sitting along the side of the road. We were a little concerned as there was no way we could get by without staying on the road. It was almost dark by then and he was difficult to make out. I had my cell phone and was contemplating calling Loretta to come and pick us up when a pickup passed by. When the bear saw the lights, he got up and wandered towards the woods. We could see it was a very large Black Bear, but by the time we got to where he had been, he was now entering the woods about a hundred yards away.

Loretta's next appointment was scheduled for 2 August. One of my nieces husband and son had been on a mission to Africa. Wheeler Hill Church which we attend when in NY help support his missions. So he was scheduled to appear there with a presention on the trip last Sunday. So our plans were to leave Sunday after church to return to Circle P Farm here near Lynnville, TN. (In fact we got a call after leaving that the appointment was changed to the 7th). This would have allowed several more days in our cool hilltop location.

However, this was not to happen. On Monday the 23rd, we received a phone call that Loretta's son David had had a bad accident with his ATV and was in the Trauma Unit at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville. At first it was felt that we may as well wait and move as scheduled as there was nothing we could do to assist. Later we got a call that his condition had worsened, so as the weather was good on Tuesday and might not be again till Friday we headed south. As Loretta doesn't travel too well yet, we didn't push ourslves. We arrived in the hospital area Thursday morning but could not locate the lot we were told we could park our rig in. After several stops and a few phone calls, I got in contact with Parking Control at the hospital and was directed to an employee lot. We parked there then were taken to the hospital by one of their shuttles.

By time we checked in, it was after 1030, and we were told that visiting hours would end at 1100. We went to the Unit where we found him pretty well "out of it". He did open one eye slightly when he was told that I was there, but don't think he saw me. In the afternoon he was sleeping when we were there, so we decided to spend the night in the parking lot. However it had gotten up to 99degrees durng the day and without any Air Conditioning, sleeping was difficult. Friday morning we went to visit again and he seemed slightly better opening both eyes about half way. So we decided to bring out RV to Loretta's daughters place where we could use the Air Conditioner - smart move.

Son Steve and family arrived on Saturday from Macon, GA. So that evening he, wife Jeannie and Loretta's daughter Sharon went to visit and we opted to stay home. Sunday after church, Loretta, Steve and I went up again as Steve had to return to work Monday. We found Dave much improved with eyes open and looking around. He was able to talk a small amount, but was having a lot of pain. We didn't visit yesterday but heard that they were able to get him to sit up a while. Today Loretta and myself went back to Nashville. We found him very alert, moving around some and able to talk a fair amount. He was not on pain medication and refused some while I was visiting. In fact the multitude of medication tubes had been removed and he only had oxygen and a feeding tube when we arrived.

Some change from a week ago when they couldn't be sure he would survive. I expect he will be in the hospital for a while yet and possibly will need therapy afterwards, but things sure look positive now. Vanderbilt is one of the finest hospitals in the South so he couldn't be in a better place. They also develop new procedures including the bone surgery that they did on Dave.

He has been on several prayer lists, but still can use your prayers.

Thank you and GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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