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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good and BAD news

Well the weather has been GOOD news. Even though some chilly nights and several frosty ones, no more snow. Some rain including a heavy storm yesterday but the water is much needed after last summer's drought. Right now the temperature is over 60, the skies are mostly clear and a nice light breeze blowing.

Loretta's sister is now out of hospital and recovering from her treatment. She appears to be doing quite well and hopefully will be coming home soon. Loretta had an appointment at the Bone and Joint Clinic in Columbia and is scheduled to trade in her defective hip for a new one on the 28th, with pre-op on the 26th. We understand that usually there is no time in a Rehab facility after Hip Replacement. However the doctor felt that she shouldn't come home immediately due to the number of steps getting in and out and around our RV. She will get so they are happy with her being here in short time, we are sure.

Now for the BAD news. A week ago last evening, we had went to visit Loretta's sister with her husband. We were just getting ready to leave when my Cell Phone rang. It was Loretta's daughter, she was so upset that I could hardly understand her. But the message was that her brother David (Woody) who lives next door to her had suffered a heart attack. She said that the EMT's were there and doing CPR and would be transporting him to Hillside Hospital in Pulaski, TN. It would have been about 40 miles extra to come back and get our truck. So I asked Cliff if he would drive us to the hospital, which he did. We arrived shortly before Sharon (Loretta's daughter) and family and when they did, she told Loretta that "He wasn't going to make it" It wasn't very long before Woody's wife Kathy came out from the room they had taken him to and said he was gone. The medical people said he had suffered a Massive Coronary and was "Dead when he hit the floor", but they had done what they could. Loretta was devastated as 10 years ago her oldest daughter had died of the same cause. And she has never really totally gotten over that (as if one could).

Of course Sunday was spent making arrangements, notifying friends and family, etc. Cremation was opted for, so we planned a Memorial Service for last Friday evening allowing people time to get here from NY, PA, GA, FL etc. They had a good service conducted by Niles Worsham, the minister of the church that they (and we when in the area) attend in Campbellsville, TN. It was very well attended as he was liked by everyone. He was active with the Boys and Girls club, a very popular School Bus driver, had founded a chapter of Southern Cruisers Motorcycle Club here. He also was in Veteran's organizations as he was a Viet Nam veteran, and in the past had worked in the field for the Cable Television company.

Yesterday morning we were greeted by very heavy storms, which we drove to Pulaski (about 50miles) in. But by the time we arrived at Pulaski Memorial Gardens for the graveside service, we got a break in the weather. There we said our final goodbye. Then we went to Sharon's house for time with the members of our family that had come. Loretta was exhausted, but we did ride to Franklin with son Steve as he wanted to visit his aunt while in the area. When we returned to the house, we returned home stopping for a short visit with Kathy and her daughter Beth as well as some of the family that had also gone there.

We woke to a beautiful, but cool morning. Loretta is still having moods of depression (which probably will continue for some time). However we did go to Ray's Chapel UMC church a couple of miles down the road. Although we had only attended services there once, they are very supportive. In fact, the Minister Beth Gaines came to the Memorial Service along with her mother and one daughter on Friday evening.

Not much to say at this time, except please keep PRAYING for Loretta and her family. I don't know for sure how long we will stay here before moving to our parking place at Sharon and Bill's farm. But we do have better facilities here and it is a quicker trip to Columbia for doctor visits and Loretta's surgery. So I really expect that we will stay here till sometime in April.

We were scheduled for a RV rally in Columbia, MO in April. Original plans had been to stay in Florida till then - BUT plans are made to be changed. I had 3 jobs with the rally, but replacements have been located. As of now, we are more or less taking each day as it comes and thanking the LORD for HIS support.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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