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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Latest update from Chapel Hill, TN

More disappointments: 6 April 08

Loretta was able to get an appointment with Dr. Justice on the 25th. However, she is suffering a lot of pain in her hip, so I called his clinic and was able to change her appointment to the 10th with another Cardiologist. We checked with her daughter Sharon (a nurse) and was told that this one is also very good.

Then she got the word that one of her grandsons had badly burned his hand on the muffler on a garden implement. Sharon was able to dress that properly and we assume all is well on that front. Some good news from that direction though - his wife gave birth to another Great Grandson for Loretta on the 28th. Another bit of good news is that Loretta's sister has now returned home.

Monday, she got a call from the Surgeon's office that in addition to the heart problem (Atrial Fibrillation) tests had revealed an E-Coli infection. So she has been taking an antibiotic to get rid of that. Tomorrow she has an appointment with her Kidney Doctor and we are sure they will check that.

Thursday, Sharon called to say she was in Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia with Pneumonia. This is a recurring problem with her, but it had been almost a year since her last confinement. In fact they had opened a new Emergency Room a year ago Friday and she was their first patient. She told us yesterday that she expected to go home today, but a call to her room revealed that she is still not ready to leave the hospital.

I had consulted my Urologist in Florida while we were there about some occasional bleeding. Cystoscopy revealed no cause and only slight Radiation damage to Bladder from my Prostate Cancer treatments. However the bleeding recently reappeared and did seem to be more severe. So I have an appointment on Wednesday with an Urologist in Columbia. I really expect that it is nothing serious.

So I think our truck must know it's way to the Medical area in Columbia. We have made 2 trips to visit Sharon in hospital, then we have to go in 3 days this week for doctor appointments. With diesel priced at almost $4.00 a gallon, it sure is a strain on the budget. But hopefully Loretta will soon be able to get her new hip and things will return to normal.

Please keep both Loretta and Sharon in your prayers as neither is feeling well at this time.

GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta (RVLoretta@gmail.com)


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