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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Latest update

Well, things aren't improving a lot here yet. Sharon decided she was ready to go home a week ago today. On Wednesday, I went to the Urologist. His preliminary diagnosis was an infection and he prescribed an antibiotic. Then Loretta called Sharon. She was home alone and sounded so badly that we rushed down there in case she needed to return to the hospital. By then Bill had returned home and she said she had a doetor appointment the next morning.

Then we got a call Thursday morning that she was back in the hospital. I took Loretta to her appointment with the Cardiologist. He confirmed the Atrial Fibrillation and prescribed Coumadin. She also has an appointment to return on the 22nd for Stress Test, Echogram and Blood Tests. One good thing, the medicine that Dr. Gardner (family doctor) prescribed apparently has started to reduce her pulse rate.

After Loretta finished with her appointment, we took the Hospital Shuttle to the main building where we went to visit Sharon. She was looking and sounding very rough. Apparently, they went to her doctor and he said “What are you doing here, get to the hospital”. When they got her to her room, they had to call the Crash Cart and the room was still a mess from when they has worked on her.

Sunday we rode with Cliff and Lorraine (Loretta's sister) to visit and Sharon was much better, but still not good. Tuesday, Loretta and I went over again. One of her doctors came in while we were there and said that they wanted to do a biopsy of her lung as they cannot find any reason for what ails her. She was to meet with the Thoracic Surgeon later, but we left before she arrived. Sharon called today to say that the Biopsy is scheduled for 0700 tomorrow morning. The doctor said she will be in Isolation for 2 days, but Loretta told her we would come by later in the day.

This evening we went to Henry Horton State Park nearby for supper. Lorraine was getting around much better and eating well, so hopefully she is on way to recovery.

We were scheduled to be in Columbia, MO for the Fleetwood Travelcade club rendezvous this weekend. But that is out as well as several other RV rallies on our calendar. Things are more or less day to day till Loretta gets back in condition and has her hip replacement.

GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta



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