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Thursday, May 22, 2008

From Maury Regional Hospital

Catchup time!!

Loretta spent 3 nights in the Bone Surgery Unit and did very well. In fact she was up and walking some on Thursday the day following her surgery. Last Saturday we moved her to the Skilled Nursing Unit on the 1st floor (RM 100). She has been having PT every day and walking a total of up to a half mile a day. She isn't eating as well as she should and tires easily. But the nurses and therapists are happy with her progress. The surgeon and family doctors are also.

She is still swollen quite a bit and bruised a lot, but they say that is normal. I was there when they changed the dressing today. At first I was disturbed, but when they got the incision uncovered, it looks very good.

We do thank you for your thoughts, emails and Prayers. Hopefully her stay here won't be too long.

For now
Andy and Loretta


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