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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Loretta in Surgery now

Well, Loretta had her Pre-op tests a week ago yesterday as planned. All well except she still has a bit of infection and the Surgeon's nurse called Monday to ask where to call prescription. So we went to Wal-Mart in Shelbyville for that. Also had received a recall notice on another prescription, but Wal-Mart didn't have any of the replacement in stock. So we went to Walgreen's to get the correct one.

She was told to be here in Maury Regional Hospital for admission at 1100 today. When we got here, they said they couldn't understand the time as surgery was scheduled for 2PM. She was taken to the Preparation room at about then, but didn't get into surgery till around 3. Dr Wade just came in to tell us that he had finished and all had gone well and she is now in Recovery. She will be transferred to Room 670A after recovery and we will see her when she gets there. Her Son-in-Law Bill Payne also just came by to say he had done X-rays and that she was not in pain and waking well. Her daughter Sharon has been with me all day.

Sharon is much better, but also has a long way to go before fully recovered from her recent hospitalization.

Going to 6th floor now so will sign

GOD Bless

We didn't have long to wait before she was brought to her room. She is still pretty much out of it, but seems to be getting more alert every time she wakes. Sharon stayed till about 6:30 then went home. Supper was brought in, but she didn't want to eat. (Says she would like a Johnnies Texas Hot), HI. So I ate most of the supper, - Loretta didn't miss much. Staff really looking after her and she is doing very well with the breathing exercise device. I will be staying the night.



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