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Monday, May 05, 2008

Surgery back on!!

We still hadn't heard from the Bone and Joint Clinic, so today (Monday) we went to Columbia and stopped there. The Cardiologist was supposed to fax his clearance to them, but the girl that does scheduling had not seen that. Loretta had called last week and was told that they would call when they received it. But the scheduler said that probably that was just put in her file when they got it. So she scheduled her for surgery on the 14th. We have to go back tomorrow for pre-op at 1000.

We went to visit Sharon later to find her up and about and acting a lot better. Still not up to going back to work and hasn't heard results from Mayo Clinic.

Gonna make this short as we want to get to bed a bit early tonight.

GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta




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