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Sunday, December 07, 2008

About ready to head south.

We had two great Thanksgiving dinners. As planned on Thanksgiving Day we joined Loretta's daughter-in-law, her family and friends. I was a bit cautious in what I ate as on Tuesday I had exploritory tests on my throat and below. I got a clean bill of health on all tests as did Loretta. The following Saturday, we went to Murfreesboro to grandson Marc's. There all of that side of family were in attendance including several of his in-laws - I think there was at least 25 for dinner. Again I ate lightly and came out of the weekend 7# lighter than the week before (VERY unusal).

In addition to getting all of our doctor appointments and tests done, I took the truck to RP Williams in Columbia for a wheel alignment. Not out a lot, but hopefully the adjustments will correct some unusual tire wear on the front end. Yesterday we joined the Tennessee Unit of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club for their Christmas luncheon at Montgomery Bell State Park west of Nashville. I had purchased a new GPS and that provided an opportunity to test that. This was a beautiful location with excellent food and well worth the trip. And it was great to get together with the Travelclub members that attended. However, I should have fueled at the Flying J we passed on way back as price for diesel there was 2.44/gal and today we put enough in to safely get us to Georgia at 2.50/gal. On way back through Franklin, we stopped to visit Loretta's neice and family.

Today after Church at Ray's Chapel UMC, we came to visit both daughter in law Kathy and daughter Sharon to give them farewells before moving on. As of this moment plans are to get on the road tomorrow and stop for a few days to visit son Steve and fimily in Macon, GA on the way to Florida.

The weather has been very off and on. Some heavy rain and winds, many frosty nights with temperatures getting down near the teens, a few snow flurries one day and many beautiful sunny days that were quite warm. I guess that is Winter in Tennessee, HI.

Well as I am running out of much to say, will close for now and wish everyone:


GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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