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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back in Tennessee

Well, we have had a busy few weeks. While in Sarasota, we visited friends and family in the area. We also ate several delicious meals at the Moose Club and some of the fine Amish restaurants in the area. While visiting great nephew and family in Englewood, they took us to a fine restaurant that he had decorated for supper also. On Saturday the Club had a Fund Raiser for Hospice and we were asked to move away from the building as was our neighbor. We had hardly parked when a police car, 3 fire engines and an EMS vehicle arrived. This was followed shortly by the Emergency Helicopter. Shortly later 2 ambulances arrived and a person was moved from one to the helicopter which then departed. The area where we had moved to was the landing area for emergency flights, so we had an interesting day.

After winding up in that area, we moved back to Homosassa, shopping at Camping World, having lunch at Lazy Days RV and dumping tanks at a Flying J along the way. While in Homosassa, Cal's son Merle and myself repacked the trailer wheel bearings and inspected the brakes. We also joined 2 groups of friends for meals at local restaurants as well as taking Cal and his family out to eat. As usual, we attended services and Bible Study at nearby First Christian Church.

From there, we moved to the Shrine Club RV Park in Macon, GA where we visited with Loretta's son Steve and family. They only live about 3 miles from the park. Steve and I went to a nearby Camping World and got a new shroud to replace the damaged one on our Air Conditioner which we installed.

Our next move was here to Circle P Farm near Lynnville, TN. However, the weather deteriorated along the way. We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Pell City, AL, but it only got worse. So we spent the night in the lot there. I guess it was a good thing as our fueling stop was Flying J near Birmingham. And we heard that a tornado had touched down in that area overnight. We arrived here at Loretta's daughter's farm to find that our parking area was very wet and while getting parked after several times became very muddy also. However we got close enough to hook up electric and get set up.

We have engaged in some R&R here as well as working on computers. I have copied some Video Camera tapes to DVDs for a friend as well as several for ourselves. Last Saturday we rode with Bill, Sharon and Diane to grandson Marc's in Murfreesboro for 1st birthday party for Great-grandson Bennett. While there a heavy storm came in with some light hail, torrential rains and winds. There was a power failure, but no Tornado I think even though a semi truck or 2 were blown over nearby. We returned here to find little evidence of any storm. Then yesterday we were under Storm Warnings again. Tornado's did touch down near Nashville and other places north of here. We did get a lot of rain with flooding in the low areas. Today we went to Pulaski, but I decided to avoid Minnow Branch Road as I expect it is under water if not washed out again.

Not much more to report at this time, but do have to go to Columbia Monday for doctor appointments and 2 new tires for truck.

All for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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