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Friday, March 06, 2009

In Sarasota, FL


Well, it seems I have gotten behind again, HI.  We had a great visit in St. Cloud with Dick K2EY and family.  In addition to some maintenance tasks on rig,  we toured the area some including an evening in Old Town Kissimmee at a motorcycle rally.  Loads of great and many unusual bikes and trikes.  The Orlando Hamcation went on during our stay there, but we didn't attend, nor were we able to attend the RV Service Net rally at Christmas, FL.  Loretta wasn't up to walking much at that time.  

After about a week, we moved to Arcadia, FL to visit our SKP friends Glenn and Sue.  It was good to get back to their place on the Peace River.  I didn't have Internet connection there, so went to WiFi Hotspots in Arcadia and at their daughter's nearby.  In addition to shopping trips, we checked out some of the eating places, some of which were new since our last visit 3 years ago.  An old time favorite, the DeSoto Restaurant had been destroyed by the last Hurricane and moved.  They had remodelled the building and the new restaurant is very nice.  We went there several times including trips with Glenn and Sue, and daughter KK and her husband Shawn.  We also got in on Steak night at the Moose Club with neighbor Jerry and Michael.

Wednesday, we moved to the Moose Club in Sarasota (only 55 miles), but closer to friends and family near the coast.  This is one of our favorite stops and we have already taken in several meals there.  In fact tonight was Steak Night and I don't know as we have ever had better steaks which were very reasonable.  Today we visited Ham Radio friend Jean K3OAU.  She and her husband used to own a Ham Radio store in York, Pa and we travelled the Hamfest circuit with them at the time we had VHF Communications.  We plan on visiting friends and family in South Venice and Englewood also from here.  In addition, we are both scheduled for blood tests and have made appointments at Quest Diagnostics nearby for next Tuesday.

As of now, we expect to move back to Homasassa, FL next week to visit many friends in that area before returning to our home base in Tennessee.  It sure is good to see fuel prices coming down - we fueled in Arcadia before leaving at $2.o95/gal and I see the price at one of our favorite fueling stops in Georgia is below $1.90.  Some better than over $4.00/gal which we were paying about 6 months ago.  Maybe we can afford to travel a bit more this year.

One thing we are thankful for:  there has been a pretty rough winter where we came from in Western New York.  And last week there was almost a foot of snow at our Base Location near Pulaski, TN.

All for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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