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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Now in Chapel Hill, TN

Well, some very exciting times here in Tennessee. Doctor visits weren't too fruitful, ear doctor wanted MRI's of head, neck and inner ear. That was 3 hours in the machine, sore back before finish. Primary physician wants MRI's on lower left leg and knee to see if cause can be found for pain in leg that has been there off and on for about 6 months now. Also have been put on an additional medication as if I don't take enough already, but blood sugar a bit on high side.
This branch fell where the rear of our trailer usually sits. Satellite and Ham Radio wires ran from top of pole with electric box to ladder on trailer.

It seems that every time it started to dry off enough to work outside, it rained again. I did get new tires on front of truck and one for the trailer. But the weather didn't allow changing that one.

Then on Good Friday, we really got hit by the weather. Loretta was in Wal-Mart an d they herded everyone to center of store as there was a Tornado Warning - Thank the LORD it didn't hit. But we got calls telling us that things weren't as bad as it looks when we got back to the farm. RIGHT, trees down and branches all over the place. One tree was leaning against Sharon and Bills house and did a lot of damage. Another had fallen between his tractor and riding mower without touching either, but had taken down the power service to our trailer breaking the neutral. 220V on a 110V circuit doesn't do any good. Our microwave/convection oven doesn't work, my desktop computer is out as well as DVD recorder, 2 radios and chargers for 2 sweepers. But we lucked out compared to Murfreesboro. A tornado hit there resulting in lots of property damage, 2 deaths I think and several injuries. Grandson Marc lives there and I understand in addition to outside damage he lost part of house. But house only a few doors away was totally destroyed. They are able to live in theirs at least.

I spent a good share of last week checking out my damages and talking to insurance people. It appears that the microwave and refrigerator would be included on the Comprehensive part of our insurance. But the deductible is $500. Replacement on the microwave would be almost $700, but I am thinking I can repair it myself for under $200 - may be wrong but will order part tomorrow. As the fridge works on gas and there appears to be power to the electric heating element after replacing a blown fuse, I assume the electric heating element is blown out. That should not be too expensive and hopefully I can replace that also. Wish fuse would have done it with microwave and DVD recorder but no such luck.

The rest of the items are covered under the Personal Property clause on our policy. I have to get prices to replace for them. On Wednesday the tree service arrived to remove the tree that was leaning against the house. They also cut up the trunk on the one between the tractors. Family and friends had cleaned up the small branches and hauled away the firewood size pieces. Then Thursday the Satellite TV repairman arrived to install a new antenna for the house to replace the one the tree had hit. I had obtained an old Direct TV receiver and gotten it to work with our portable antenna but it would not work with the one we have mounted permanently. He installed a new connector for me but apparently the cable is broken inside someplace else.

We had NOT been able to get into our usual parking spot as the ground was too wet when we arrived. So we ended up away from our electric pole and a bit ahead of usual spot. GOOD THING, a large limb just missed the rear corner of our trailer falling just where it usually was. It did take down my Ham Radio antenna and the Satellite TV cable. So that is what caused the damage to the cable I am sure as the antenna was still in the original position.

It had dried up, so I was able to hook up again by yesterday. As I have to fill the water tank with a long hose and do not have dump facilities, we decided to move to Loretta's sister's place near Chapel Hill. There we have full hookup including satellite antenna and Internet. So after attending a fund raising Pancake Breakfast for the school band that Great Grandson Nate is in, we hooked up and moved.

When we arrived here, I installed the new tire on the trailer before getting parked and set up. As it rained most of the night and day, I still have to get my Ham Radio antenna out, a few other outside chores and the Internet cable hooked up. I did sign up with Verizon Mobile Broadband which I am using now. It works great here, but in the hollow wasn't much faster than dial up. I also arranged with Direct TV for a new receiver to be shipped to us here.

Guess that gets us up to date. Hope no more heavy storms now, but at least the tree that could hit our rig is smaller and still alive which is more than I could say bout the one at the farm, HI

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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