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Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovely Memorial Day

We finally have had some great weather, in fact a bit on warm side sometimes. But there have been showers and rainstorms too. But not many Tornado watches, mostly Thunderstorm and Flooding watches.

It seems it has been mostly running to doctors. So far all tests on my hearing have been pretty fair except high frequency hearing loss. I get one more this week, it is called a Salt Load test and I think checks for fluid buildup in the middle or inner ear. Takes over 2 hours and I have to load up on salt a few days before taking it.

However, Loretta has had hearing problems for several years and had lost the hearing aids we purchased. My Audiologist suggested a hearing test for her. So she did that last week and the result was that she has lost over half of her hearing. So now she is going through pretty much the same test routine that I have had. She really doesn't look forward to the MRI!! I get my next test Friday and she is scheduled for 3 tests in the doctor's office. Then a week from Wednesday we will be going in for results. We hope that not much more delay occours as we have plans in June in Western New York.

The month was really a Truck Shop month too. I had ordered 2 new tires so had them installed early in the month. May still need balancing though. Also replaced batteries, they were 8 years old so guess I cannot complain about the expense. Last time it was serviced I was told that the Vibration Dampener was starting to fail. I thought I noticed a new vibration so also had that replaced. So those bills really hit the wallet.

I have assisted with a few tasks around the property here, but what with all our running haven't really done all that much.

Not much else new at this time.
GOD Bless


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