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Monday, May 04, 2009

Still more weather

Well, I guess we made our move at the right time. I think it has rained more days than not. The ground is thoroughly soaked and flooding rampant in the whole of Central Tennessee. In fact quite a few schools are closed due to closed roads. When I got ready to dump our tanks, I found that the motor has frozen up in the Macerator Pump so I replaced that. We have also replaced some of the appliances that were damaged during the Good Friday storm. ANOTHER PICTURE HERE

This heavy rain also has revealed some water damage to our RV. When it dries up a bit, I will have to address that. I had done some preventative work earlier, but apparently missed something.

As far as the medical tests, MRI's to head were pretty much OK. However the specialist wants to do another test for possible inner ear problem. He also wants the Bone and Joint doctor to look over MRI of neck. Leg MRI's also revealed nothing serious, but did get a Cortisone shot in my knee. I will be going back for follow up on that and have neck checked at the time. Well, I guess those thing aren't to be surprised about, NOT a kid anymore.

Other than shopping and some dining out, we haven't done a lot of outside work or sightseeing. Hopefully the weather will improve so we are able to do more.

Not much else exciting at this time.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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