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Saturday, June 13, 2009

About ready to move on

Well it has been hectic if not what one would call exciting here in Central Tennessee. For one thing we have had more than our fair share of stormy weather. Fortunately no more tornadoes, but lots of rain and some wind. Our visits with the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic has mixed results. We both have what is called Menier's Disease. This probably could be controlled by a low salt diet, however with our lifestyle that would be difficult so we are on medication to help control the salt in the inner ear which can cause water to accumulate causing pressure that can result in hearing loss. One good thing about the medication is that we were each able to discontinue another prescription medication. So no more pills, just different ones. It is possible that the disease may even be reversed to some extent. However Loretta did require new hearing aids which she does like and they help her hearing immensely.

The bad news is that Loretta's sister and brother-in-law were taking a trip to Missouri last week. She took a tumble in their hotel room striking her head and is still in the hospital in St. Louis. The prognosis isn't good and prayers are appreciated. We were watching over their property in their absence as well as a neighbor's whom had taken a couple of trips out of state. He and Loretta's brother-in law are now home, so we are free to travel again.

We had come out fairly well I thought with the Insurance Company settlement on the Good Friday storm damage. This was due to the fact that we were able to replace damaged items and I was able to repair several. However I have since found some that I hadn't realized were damaged, and hopefully can repair instead of replacing. I thought I was coming out ahead on my desktop computer when it seemed that the power supply was the only problem. However after replacing that, it still was acting up. Also it would not communicate with my old Lexmark printer which worked fine on the laptop. So I purchased a new HP printer/scanner. The item selected was not my first choice, however it was the only one I found that would fit in the available space. Then when I installed it, it printed fine, but the scan function took hours to scan a picture if at all. After trying all I could think of, last Sunday, I spent over 4 hours online and on phone with a HP service technician. He retired the things and exhausted his ideas too. So the thought is that there are other problems with the computer. I ordered an new HP computer after talking with him. We were expecting to be held up waiting for delivery on that, but FedEX dropped it off this morning. I will not install and set it up at this time as hopefully we will be heading to NY tomorrow.

Last Monday we went to the Nashville Zoo. Very interesting, however Loretta tired before getting more than half way around so we missed the large animals, etc. But we did get some good exercise out of the trip and it is an excellent Zoo.

Guess that gets us up to date.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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