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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Now in Virginia

Not too much happened while in NY state. Loretta wasn't feeling very good, and the weather wasn't very co-operative. It seemed that all the time we were there, there was seldom more than a day or 2 without rain and it was quite chilly most of time. In fact very few mornings that the furnace didn't run - very unusual for mid- summer. We did visit a few friends in addition to usual errands around the area, but not very many.

Our plans were to come to Virginia without our trailer this weekend and stay with friends Al and Chris in Centreville, VA. However as I had gotten an appointment with Dr. Decker (the surgeon that did Loretta's Gall Bladder surgery last year) for a follow up, we came down here last Monday. As Loretta still isn't feeling very well yet, we have mostly stayed pretty close to here. Al is a Shop Teacher at a nearby school and has been re-organizing his lab/classroom in preparation for school to start in a couple of weeks. I have assisted him with that task several days.

Loretta kept her appointment with Dr. Decker last Thursday. He felt some follow-up was in order. So he has ordered a CT Scan which will be done tomorrow. But he will be on vacation, next week so she will not get back to him for results till the 21st. I guess we really should have brought our HOME/trailer with us. Al and Chris make us very welcome, but naturally we didn't pack enough for such a lengthy stay. And of course there are times we would probably feel comfortable in our own surroundings. We have of course visited some favorite eateries in the area and shopped a bit. Last evening friends arrived and after dinner, we played Joker. I think it was the slowest game that I have ever played lasting over 3 hours. Loretta didn't join us as she was very tired, as was I at about midnight when the game finished and farewells were dispensed. In addition Friday Loretta went to Qwest Diagnostics in Mannassas for a routine blood test that usually is taken each month.

Chris flew to Buffalo today to be with her mother for a week, so it will be just the 3 of us for a while. Today seems mostly R&R, I walked for well over a mile in the neighborhood with Al and Chris' dog while Al was taking Chris to the airport. Then after brunch, we have been relaxing. Tomorrow will be somewhat busier with Loretta getting her CT Scan, then Tuesday we will go to Arlington National Cemetery where we will join her family for the service for her sister there. Most are already here and sightseeing the area today and tomorrow.

The news on our good friend Cal from Homosassa, FL. He was removed from ICU where hopefully he could receive physical therapy and perhaps get feeling in the rest of his body. That had improved slightly down into his arms but still not much. However he then experienced breathing problems and has been returned to ICU where he could be observed better. Haven't heard any news in several days, but that was last report. So please keep and his family in your prayers. (Also Loretta as she is concerned about results of tests)

Guess that gets us up to date for now.

GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta

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