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Saturday, November 07, 2009

More discouraging news

Loretta went to see the Rheumatoligist this week. He confirmed the primary physicians suspicion of Connective Tissue Disorder. This includes a multitude of items including Rheumatoid Arthritis. This entails taking another medication and watching for side effects. Also he confirmed that she has Diabetes so monitoring of Blood Sugar, watching diet and exercise is prescribed. Also hearing tests revealed additional hearing loss since last spring, so a medication change was in order for that. She goes back Monday about her hearing aids and I expect they will reprogram them also.

The primary physician wanted me to see the Urologist while we are here also. So I have been to him 2 times and had some tests done. Thursday he scoped my bladder and discovered a small spot. Wednesday I go in for surgery to remove that and it will be tested for cancer. He said that the operation will only take about 10 minutes, but wants me to stay overnight in the hospital. He also said that the spot was small enough that it would be completely removed and should cause no future problems even if it turns out to be cancerous. Thank the Lord for that.

Other than running to doctors, we have been shopping and eating out quite a bit. We have been going to the Senior Center in Chapel Hill for lunch most days. Where else can one eat an excellent lunch for $1.25? Loretta's brother in law is coming along very well on his new house, and I have assisted him some there. Also have accompanied him on shopping trips for items needed to do the work there.

Loretta's daughters sister in law Diane had a return bout with Cancer and had surgery last week. We are at Sharon and Bills farm right now and Diane Payne just returned home today. She still has chemotherapy to look forward too. So please keep her in your prayers. Also prayers for Loretta are appreciated as she still is not herself and not really feeling too well.

We usually head for Florida shortly after Thanksgiving. However we both have follow up doctor visits early in December, so until after them we will not know when we will be getting back on the road.

Thank you and GOD Bess
Andy and Loretta


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